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Business Technology Strategic Plan: 2013 - 2017

Message from Director, Division of Information Technology

Photo of Rus Pittman, FDIC CPOThe FDIC is emerging from a period of intense focus on dealing with the effects of the financial crisis. While the crisis placed enormous stress on the Corporation and its staff, it was generally very clear what needed to be done - identify and monitor troubled banks, close failed banks, and manage receiverships to the benefit of depositors and the insurance fund. During the crisis, the FDIC expanded our information technology (IT) infrastructure and its operational resources to support the FDIC's workforce expansion and increased bank resolution activity. We continue to make adjustments to IT infrastructure and operational resources to accommodate organizational changes, resolution activity, and new regulatory requirements.

As we emerge from the crisis, the FDIC needed to take a fresh look at our information technology strategy. We have transformed our information technology strategy into a business technology strategy, emphasizing what strategic imperatives are needed to provide business value to the FDIC and to address any gaps in either business or information technology capabilities.

We will carry on with our application modernization efforts to address technology obsolescence. We have made good progress over the past three years in addressing the highest risk applications. We plan on having the bulk of the applications completed over the next five years, following established roadmaps developed in conjunction with business stakeholders.

Our strategic imperatives reflect industry and government trends to address "big data", an increasingly mobile workforce and public, and electronic document management. Over the next five years, FDIC will develop improved capabilities for advanced analytics and the visual representation of information. We will also move to a "mobile first" approach, creating information once to publish anywhere. Paper will be substantially reduced as we adopt a methodology of "born digital, stays digital."

This plan is a living document and we will periodically report on progress against the plan and update the plan as needed.

I am pleased to present the FDIC Business Technology Strategic Plan, 2013 - 2017. I look forward to working with all FDIC stakeholders to successfully carry out this plan in support of the execution of the FDIC's mission.

Russell G. Pittman
Director, Division of Information Technology

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