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Panelist Biography

Guest Speaker Biographies - Lilia B. Escajeda

Last Updated: June 8, 2010

Ms. Escajeda was hired by Amarillo National Bank as an installment loan officer in September 1978, she was the first woman in that capacity. 

In 1990, the bank opened its second branch location, the Northeast Branch, of which Ms. Escajeda was promoted to manager.  During this period, she initiated a mortgage loan program for mostly immigrant families, and also facilitated small loans to people with little or no credit.  At this time, the Northeast branch also she translated into Spanish many of the transaction account documents.

In 1993, Ms. Escajeda returned to the main bank installment loan department, where she continued lending, including small business loans.  In the years of 1993 to 1999 she was performing Community Reinvestment Act duties.

In 1999, not long after Amarillo National Bank’s OCC CRA exam, it was decided that Ms. Escajeda should be a full time CRA and Public Relations Officer.  From the beginning of her employment, she began providing financial education, before it was recommended by the regulatory agencies.

Over the years, Amarillo National Bank has stepped up to the plate to serve its community.  In 2006, Ms. Escajeda was honored by the Independent Bankers Association of Texas with the “Making a Difference Award”; in 2008 she was recognized by Texas Bankers Association with the “Leader in Financial Education” award.  These two organizations provide a “How To Get Started” kit on financial education – she was asked to contribute that portion, which was included.

Thanks to the support of Amarillo National Bank, Ms. Escajeda has been afforded opportunities to serve on many boards – nonprofit, civic, foundations, state boards, and elected office positions.  This has provided an education that cannot be learned in a classroom, and gave her an insight on community needs.  She still provides information on Community Development opportunities.

Over the years, Ms. Escajeda has attended as many conferences as possible to stay current with changes in CRA.

Amarillo National Bank participated in the FDIC’s Small Loan Dollar Program, and even though we have made these loans over 100 years, we did learn more about ourselves. This will allow the bank to continue access to credit for everyone.