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Panelist Biography

Daniel Lau

Program Manager
Mission Asset Fund

Last Updated: May 6, 2013

Daniel Lau is a Program Manager with the Mission Asset Fund (MAF). He manages the Security Deposit Loan Program, a responsible savings and credit-building program that transforms security deposits into financial empowerment opportunities for disadvantaged young people. He also manages Lending Circles, a nationally recognized and innovative credit-building program that has helped hundreds of low-income individuals and recent immigrants build credit histories, improve credit scores, and acquire assets such as homes, small businesses, education, and citizenship. He serves as the trainer, facilitator, and manager in expansion and implementation of the Security Deposit Loan and Lending Circles models through community partners across the Bay Area and beyond.

Daniel is an alumnus of the Bill Emerson National Hunger Fellowship, where he researched and advocated for local, state, and national policy solutions to hunger and poverty. He holds degrees from Boston University and the University of California, San Diego.