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Panelist Biography

Keith Ernst

Associate Director, Division of Depositor and Consumer Protection
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Last Updated:October 1, 2021

Keith Ernst has served as Associate Director in the Division of Depositor and Consumer Protection at the FDIC since 2011. This role extends a career that has spanned the intersection of research, policy, and banking issues. In his present capacity, he leads a team of analysts that provides expertise to the FDIC’s compliance supervision program and produces data-driven insights to inform the organization’s perspective on economic inclusion concerns and public policy matters. He has published financial services research in various outlets, including academic journals, and made numerous presentations to research conferences, at industry events, as well as in testimony before Congress and regulatory agencies. He has previous analytic experience in secondary mortgage market operations and has served as a consultant in fair lending matters. He is a graduate of Hofstra University and holds both a master's degree in public policy studies and a J.D. from Duke University.