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Panelist Biography

Susan Bistransin

Student Banking Coordinator
Parkdale High School

Last Updated: October 14, 2016

Susan D. Baudoin-Bistransin is a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher from Prince George's County, MD who holds a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. A veteran of 30 years of teaching, she has taught Financial Literacy for 20 years and considers it one of the most important courses taken by students. She is a Teacher Ambassador for the EverFi Financial Scholars program, a National Master Educator for the TCT Curriculum and utilizes the expertise of Maryland Council on Economic Education in many of her classroom activities. She was awarded the “Financial Literacy High School Teacher of the Year” honor by the Md. State Department of Education in 2015.

Susan co-wrote the first Financial Literacy for Teens curriculum for Prince George’s County Family and Consumer Sciences and it is fully aligned with the MSDE Financial Literacy standards. She is also a member of the writing team for the online Financial Literacy course which is available to all students in the state of Maryland as a one-credit high school course. Susan served as a teacher advisor for the new FDIC Money Smart curriculum, published in 2015. She currently works with the Society for Financial Education and Professional Development to promote financial education throughout the country.

As a National Master Educator for the Take Charge Today (FEFE) curriculum, she facilitates training for the curriculum on the county, state and national level. She also pilots new lessons for the curriculum and is instrumental in curriculum changes. She has been utilizing the Take Charge Today (FEFE) curriculum in her classroom for 8 years. The Consumer Jungle website, maintained by the Credit Wise Cats at the University of Arizona is a great resource that she uses often in her classroom.