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7500 - FRB Regulations

Last Updated: January 14, 2022





204.121 Bankers' banks
204.122 Secondary market activities of International Banking Facilities
204.123 Sale of federal funds by investment companies or trusts in which the entire beneficial interest is held exclusively by depository institutions
204.124 Repurchase agreement involving shares of a money market mutual fund whose portfolio consists wholly of United States Treasury and federal agency securities
204.125 Foreign, international, and supranational entities referred to in §§ 204.2(c)(1)(iv)(E) and 204.8(a)(2)(i)(B)(5)
204.126 Depository institution participation in "federal funds" market
204.127 Nondepository participation in "federal funds" market
204.128 Deposits at foreign branches guaranteed by domestic office of a depository institution
204.129 [Removed]
204.130 Eligibility for NOW accounts
204.131 Participation by a depository institution in the secondary market for its own time deposits
204.132 Treatment of loan strip participations
204.133 Multiple savings deposits treated as a transaction account
204.134 Linked time deposits and transaction accounts
204.135 Shifting funds between depository institutions to make use of the low reserve tranche
204.136 Treatment of trust overdrafts for reserve requirement reporting purposes



Subpart A—International Operations of U.S. Banking Organizations

Subpart B—Foreign Banking Organizations

211.20 Authority, purpose, and scope
211.21 Definitions
211.22 Interstate banking operations for foreign banking organizations
211.23 Nonbanking activities of foreign banking organizations
211.24 Approval of offices of foreign banks; procedures for applications; standards for approval; representative office activities and standards for approval; preservation of existing authority
211.25 Termination of offices of foreign banks
211.26 Examination of offices and affiliates of foreign banks
211.27 Disclosure of supervisory information to foreign supervisors
211.28 Provisions applicable to branches and agencies: limitation on loans to one borrower
211.29 Applications by state branches and state agencies to conduct activities not permissible for federal branches
211.30 Criteria for evaluating the U.S. operations of foreign banks not subject to consolidated supervision

Subpart C—Export Trading Companies

Subpart D—International Lending Supervision



Subpart A—Loans by Member Banks to Their Executive Officers, Directors, and Principal Shareholders





221.101 Determination and effect of purpose of loan
221.102 Application to committed credit where funds are disbursed thereafter
221.103 Loans to brokers or dealers
221.104 Federal credit unions
221.105 Arranging for extensions of credit to be made by a bank
221.106 Reliance in "good faith" on statement of purpose of loan
221.107 Arranging loan to purchase open-end investment company shares
221.108 Effect of registration of stock subsequent to making of loan
221.109 Loan to open-end investment company
221.110 Questions arising under this part
221.111 Contribution to joint venture as extension of credit when the contribution is disproportionate to the contributor's share in the venture's profits or losses
221.112 Loans by bank in capacity as trustee
221.113 Loan which is secured indirectly by stock
221.114 Bank loans to purchase stock of American Telephone and Telegraph Company under Employees' Stock Plan
221.115 Accepting a purpose statement through the mail without benefit of face-to-face interview
221.116 Bank loans to replenish working capital used to purchase mutual fund shares
221.117 When bank in "good faith" has not relied on stock as collateral
221.118 Bank arranging for extension of credit by corporation
221.119 Applicability of plan-lender provisions of financing of stock options and stock purchase rights qualified or restricted under Internal Revenue Code
221.120 Allocation of stock collateral to purpose and nonpurpose credits to same customer
221.121 Extension of credit in certain stock option and stock purchase plans
221.122 Applicability of margin requirements to credit in connection with Insurance Premium Funding Programs
221.123 Combined credit for exercising employees stock options and paying income taxes incurred as a result of such exercise
221.124 Purchase of debt securities to finance corporate takeovers
221.125 Credit to brokers and dealers



Subpart B — General Provisions of Section 23A

Subpart C — Valuation and Timing Principles Under Section 23A

Subpart D — Other Requirements Under Section 23A

Subpart E — Exemptions from the Provisions of Section 23A

Subpart F — General Provisions of Section 23B

Subpart G — Application of Sections 23A and 23B to U.S. Branches and Agencies of Foreign Banks

Subpart H — Miscellaneous Interpretations

Subpart I — Savings Associations — Transactions with Affiliates


Bank Holding Company Act of 1956

1. Short Title
2. Definitions
(a) Bank holding company
(b) Company; company covered in 1970
(c) Bank defined
(d) Subsidiary
(e) Successor
(f) Board
(g) Ownership and control
(h) Extraterritorial effect
(i) Thrift institution
(j) Definition of savings association and related terms
(k) Affiliate
(l) Savings bank holding company
(n) Incorporated definitions
(o) Other definitions
(p) Financial holding company
(q) Insurance company
3. Acquisition of Bank Shares or Assets
(a) Prior approval of Board as necessary; exceptions; subsequent approval or disposition upon disapproval
(b) Notice and hearing requirements; waiver in case of bank in danger of closing
(c) Factors for consideration by Board
(d) Interstate banking
(e) Insured depository institution
(f) [Repealed]
(g) Mutual bank holding company
4. Interests in Nonbanking Organizations
(a) Ownership or control of voting shares of any company not a bank; engagement in activities other than banking
(b) Statement purporting to represent shares of any company except a bank or bank holding company
(c) Exemptions
(d) Exemption of company controlling one bank prior to July 1, 1968
(e) Divestiture of nonexempt shares
(f) Certain companies not treated as bank holding companies
(g) Limitations on certain banks
(h) Tying provisions
(i) Acquisition of savings associations
(j) Notice procedures for nonbanking activities
(k) Engaging in activities that are financial in nature
(l) Conditions for engaging in expanded financial activities
(m) Provisions applicable to financial holding companies that fail to meet certain requirements
(n) Authority to retain limited nonfinancial activities and affiliations
(o) Regulation of certain financial holding companies
5. Administration
(a) Registration of bank holding company
(b) Regulations and orders
(c) Reports and examinations
(d) Reports to the Congress; recommendations
(e) Enforcement and jurisdiction
(f) Powers of Board respecting applications, examinations, or other proceedings
(g) Authority of state insurance regulator and the securities and exchange commission
6. [Repealed]
7. Reservation of rights to States
(a) In general
(b) State taxation authority not affected
8. Penalties
(a) Criminal penalty
(b) Civil money penalty
(c) Notice under this section after separation from service
(d) Penalty for failure to make reports
9. Judicial Review
10A. [Repealed]
11. Saving Provision
(a) General rule
(b) Antitrust review;
(c) Antitrust proceedings; Board and State banking agency as party; representation by counsel
(d) Treatment of merger transactions consummated prior or subsequent to May 9, 1956, and not in litigation prior to July 1, 1966
(e) Antitrust litigation; substantive law applicable to proceedings pending on or after July 1, 1966, with respect to merger transactions
(f) "Antitrust laws" defined
105 Acquisition of subsidiary and tying arrangement; Federal Reserve Board proceedings; application for authorization; competitor or as party interest and person aggrieved; judicial review 
618 Securities holding companies 
13 Prohibitions on proprietary trading and certain relationships with hedge Funds and private equity funds 
14 Concentration limits on large financial firms 

Tying Arrangements

Part 225—Bank Holding Companies And Change in Bank Control (Regulation Y)


Subpart A—General Provisions

Subpart B—Acquisition of Bank Securities or Assets

Subpart C—Nonbanking Activities and Acquisitions by Bank Holding Companies

Subpart D—Control and Divestiture Proceedings

Subpart E—Change in Bank Control

Subpart F—Limitations on Nonbank Banks

Subpart G—Appraisal Standards for Federally Related Transactions

Subpart H—Notice of Addition or Change of Directors and Senior Executive Officers

Subpart I—Financial Holding Companies

225.81 What is a financial holding company?
225.82 How does a bank holding company elect to become a financial holding company?
225.83 What are the consequences of failing to continue to meet applicable capital and management requirements?
225.84 What are the consequences of failing to maintain a satisfactory or better rating under the Community Reinvestment Act at all insured depository institution subsidiaries?
225.85 Is notice to or approval from the Board required prior to engaging in a financial activity?
225.86 What activities are permissible for any financial holding com- pany?
225.87 Is notice to the Board required after engaging in a financial activity?
225.88 How to request the Board to determine that an activity is financial in nature or incidental to a financial activity?
225.89 How to request approval to engage in an activity that is complementary to a financial activity?
225.90 What are the requirements for a foreign bank to be treated as a financial holding company?
225.91 How may a foreign bank elect to be treated as a financial holding company?
225.92 How does an election by a foreign bank become effective?
225.93 What are the consequences of a foreign bank failing to continue to meet applicable capital and management requirements?
225.94 What are the consequences of an insured branch or depository institution failing to maintain a satisfactory or better rating under the Community Reinvestment Act?


225.101 Bank holding company's subsidiary banks owning shares of nonbanking companies
225.102 Bank holding company indirectly owning nonbanking company through subsidiaries
225.103 Bank holding company acquiring stock by dividends, stock splits or exercise of rights     
225.104 "Services" under section 4(c)(1) of Bank Holding Company Act     
225.107 Acquisition of stock in small business investment company.     
225.109 "Services" under section 4(c)(1) of Bank Holding Company Act     
225.111 Limit on investment by bank holding company system in stock of small business investment companies     
225.112 Indirect control of small business concern through convertible debentures held by small business investment company
225.113 Services under section 4(a) of Bank Holding Company Act
225.115 Applicability of Bank Service Corporation Act in certain bank holding company situations     
225.118 Computer services for customers of subsidiary banks     
225.121 Acquisition of Edge corporation affiliate by State member banks of registered bank holding company     
225.122 Bank holding company ownership of mortgage companies     
225.123 Activities closely related to banking     
225.124 Foreign bank holding companies     
225.125 Investment adviser activities     
225.126 Activities not closely related to banking     
225.127 Investment in corporations or projects designed primarily to promote community welfare     
225.129 Activities closely related to banking     
225.130 Issuance and sale of short-term debt obligations by bank holding companies     
225.131 Activities closely related to banking     
225.132 Acquisition of assets     
225.133 Computation of amount invested in foreign corporations under general consent procedures     
225.134 Escrow arrangements involving bank stock resulting in a violation of the Bank Holding Company Act     
225.136 Utilization of foreign subsidiaries to sell long-term debt obligations in foreign markets and to transfer the proceeds to their United States parent(s) for domestic purposes     
225.137 Acquisition of shares pursuant to section 4(c)(6) of the Bank Holding Company Act     
225.138 Statement of policy concerning divestitures by bank holding companies     
225.139 Presumption of continued control under section 2(g)(3) of the Bank Holding Company Act     
225.140 Disposition of property acquired in satisfaction of debts previously contracted     
225.141 Operations subsidiaries of a bank holding company     
225.142 Statement of policy concerning bank holding companies engaging in futures, forward and options contracts on U.S. Government and agency securities and money market instruments     
225.143 Policy statement on nonvoting equity investments by bank holding companies     
225.145 Limitations established by the Competitive Equality Banking Act of 1987 on the activities and growth of nonbank banks     

Subpart J—Merchant Banking Investments

Subpart K—Proprietary Trading and Relationships With Hedge Funds
and Private Equity Funds

Subpart L—Conditions to Orders

Subpart M—Minimum Requirements for Appraisal Management Companies

Appendices to Subparts

FRB Policy Statements

Part 265—Rules Regarding Delegation of Authority