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Asset Sales

Securities Sales

Last Updated: June 7, 2024
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The FDIC sells a range of securities including stocks, bonds, asset-backed securities, mortgage-backed securities, syndicated credits, and partnership interests retained from failed banks. The FDIC may also contribute securities to FDIC sponsored structured transactions (i.e. re-securitizations).

Sealed-bid auctions are a primary method used by the FDIC to sell retained securities. Typically, similar securities are grouped. At its discretion, the FDIC may use other disposition strategies, like negotiated sales or participation in issuer repurchases.


Securities Sales Event(s)

Description Date(s) Location

There are no securities sales event announcements at this time.

Mechanics of Auction Sales

  • Bidders are qualified for specific securities sales after analysis of submitted documents.
  • Bid Sheets describing the securities and the terms of the auction are distributed to qualified Bidders.
  • Sealed bids are reviewed and a winner is selected.
  • The FDIC and its securities Custodian coordinate the settlement with the winning Bidder.

Qualification Process

The FDIC will only consider prospective bidders who receive a satisfactory credit investigation and whose financial and non-financial information is satisfactory.

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