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Asset Sales

Loan Sales

Last Updated: June 7, 2024
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A loan sale is one of the disposition strategies that the FDIC uses to sell loans retained from one or more failed banks. Common loan types in these sales include loans secured by commercial or residential real estate, commercial and industrial loans, and consumer loans. Typically, loans with similar characteristics or that meet specific criteria are grouped together in pools. A loan sale event usually includes multiple loan pools that the FDIC markets on a competitive, sealed-bid basis. From start to finish, a loan sale takes approximately 120 days to complete.

When large portfolios of loans are retained, the FDIC may use other disposition strategies, such as joint venture transactions and securitizations.

Loan Sales Event(s)

Description Date(s) Location
MR1-24-23 Announcement April 30, 2024 Virtual

Loan Sale Advisors

The FDIC conducts loan sales with the assistance of loan sale advisors. When the FDIC has loans available for sale, it markets them on one of the four loan sale advisors’ websites. To participate in a loan sale, please contact each of the loan sale advisors and register on their respective website to receive sale announcements.

Prospective bidders may provide contact and investor status information and identify the types of financial assets, loans, and loan-related assets they are interested in purchasing by completing the Prospective Bidder Information form and delivering the completed form electronically to: Prospective bidders that submit the form will have their names included on a list to receive sale announcements that match their expressed interests.

The FDIC welcomes and strongly encourages minority- and women-owned businesses to participate in the FDIC's loan sales.


The FDIC uses various forms throughout a loan sale, some of which include the Purchaser Eligibility Certification, the Confidentiality Agreement, and the Loan Sale Agreement.

To request a hard copy of the following forms, please visit the Public Information Center for more information. Information about how to download and use these files is at PDF Help & Word Help

Purchaser Eligibility Certification

A certification executed by a prospective purchaser asserting their eligibility to purchase assets of failed financial institutions from the FDIC.


An agreement executed by a prospective bidder as a prerequisite to accessing evaluation materials as part of an FDIC loan sale.

Loan Sale

An agreement between the buyer and seller that provides the terms and conditions of the loan sale.

Closed Loan Sales

Find closed loan sales information ranging from January 1, 2010 to present.

FDIC Closed Loan Sales

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