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FDIC Federal Register Citations

Gulf Bank
Miami, FL

March 04, 2002

550 17 Street N.W.
Room F 4003
Washington, DC 20429

Ref: Policy Statements - Minority-Owned Depository Institutions.

The proposed policy statements make a distinction of institutions owned by us citizens and those owned by non-us citizens, in determining minority owned status.

There is a third category, which are legal residents of USA. Many institutions, including ours, have various minority owners, who are us legal residents.

When it comes to assist minorities, as well as providing very much needed services to them, minority banks show no differentiation between those that are US citizen owned or residents owned.

These institutions regardless of the distinction, generally hire other minorities. They need to receive technical assistance and training in education. I believe not doing so, in addition to appearing discriminatory, sends the wrong message.

Residents are very much a part of our American fiber and must be supported.

Sincerely yours,
Salvador Bonilla-Mathé
Chairman and CEO

Last Updated 03/04/2002

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