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The 2013 Interagency Minority Depository Institution and CDFI Bank Conference

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Strategies for Success through Collaboration
Sponsored by The FDIC, Federal Reserve Board, and Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

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Confirmed Speakers
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  • Martin J. Gruenberg, Chairman, FDIC
  • Sarah Bloom Raskin, Governor, Federal Reserve Board
  • Thomas J. Curry, Comptroller of the Currency


  • Brian Argrett, President & CEO, City First National Bank, Washington, DC
  • Amy Brusiloff, Senior Vice President, Bank of America, New York, NY
  • Marilyn Booker, Managing Director, Urban Markets Group, Morgan Stanley, New York, NY
  • Guillermo Diaz-Rousselot, President, COO & Acting CEO, Continental National Bank of Miami, Miami, FL
  • Ross Hill, CEO, Bank 2, Oklahoma City, OK
  • Min Kim, President and CEO, Open Bank, Los Angeles
  • Alden McDonald, President and Chairman, Liberty Bank, New Orleans
  • B. Doyle Mitchell, President & CEO, Industrial Bank, Washington DC and Chairman, National Bankers Association
  • Dominik Mjartan, Senior Vice President, Southern Bancorp, AR
  • Preston D. Pinkett III, President, City National Bank, Newark, NJ
  • Blondel Pinnock, Senior Vice President, Community Development Corporation, Carver Federal Savings Bank, New York, NY
  • Rebeca Romero Rainey, Chair, ICBA Minority Bank Council and Board Chair & CEO, Centinel Bank of Taos, NM
  • Mark Ricca, President and CEO, First American International Bank, New York, NY
  • Kim D. Saunders, President and CEO, Mechanics & Farmers Bank, Durham, NC
  • Alan Thian, President, Royal Business Bank, Los Angeles
  • Darrin Williams, CEO, Southern Bancorp, Inc., Arkadelphia, AR
  • Norman Williams, President & CEO, Illinois Federal Savings, Chicago, IL
  • Neill S. Wright, President & CEO, First Tuskegee Bank, Tuskegee, Alabama
Federal Partners
  • Donna J. Gambrell, Director, Community Development Financial Institutions Fund, US Treasury
  • Don Graves, Executive Director, President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, and Deputy Assistant Secretary, Small Business, Community Development and Housing, US Treasury
  • Greg Bischak, Manager, Financial Strategies & Research, CDFI Fund, US Treasury
  • Mark Brodziski, Director, Special Programs, US Department of Agriculture
  • Carol Galante, Federal Housing Administration Commissioner and Assistant Secretary for Housing, Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • Grady Hedgespeth, Director, Office of Economic Opportunity, US Small Business Administration
  • Jeanne Hulit, Associate Administrator, Office of Capital Access, US Small Business Administration
  • Robert Ibanez, Program Manager, New Markets Tax Credit Program, CDFI Fund, US Treasury
  • Ruth Jaure, Manager, CDFI & NACA Program, CDFI Fund, US Treasury
  • Lisa Jones, Manager, CDFI Bond Guarantee Program, CDFI Fund, US Treasury
  • Robert Mulderig, Manager, Certification & Compliance, CDFI Fund, US Treasury
  • Mia Sowell, Senior Policy & Program Officer, Bank Enterprise Award Program, CDFI Fund. US Treasury
  • Charles Tansey, Senior Vice President, Small Business, US Export-Import Bank
  • Jason Tepperman, Director, US Treasury Small Business Lending Fund

Key Partners

  • Arturo Carrion, Executive Vice President, Puerto Rico Bankers Association, San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Michael Grant, President, National Bankers Association
  • Jeannine Jacokes, Chief Executive, Community Development Bankers Association
  • Tony James, Senior Vice President, ICBA Securities, Memphis, TN
  • Saurabh Narain, Chief Executive, National Community Investment Fund, Chicago, IL
  • Joe Schmidt, Vice President, National Community Investment Fund, Chicago, IL
  • Whitney White, CEO, Global Institute for Strategic Investment
  • Peter J. Wirth, Executive Vice President and Co-Head of Investment Banking, KBW, New York, NY

Federal Banking Agencies

  • Richard A. Brown, Chief Economist, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • D. Michael Collins, Director, Office of Minority and Women Inclusion, FDIC
  • Leslie Crawford, Deputy Director, Office of Minority and Women Inclusion, FDIC
  • Pamela J. Farwig, Deputy Director, Division of Resolutions and Receiverships, FDIC
  • Doreen R. Eberley, Director, Division of Risk Management Supervision, FDIC
  • Maryann F. Hunter, Deputy Director, Division of Banking Supervision and Regulation, Board of Governors of  the Federal Reserve
  • Jennifer C. Kelly, Senior Deputy Comptroller for Midsize and Community Bank Supervision, OCC
  • Charles K. Liles, Senior Financial Analyst, Franchise and Asset Marketing, FDIC
  • Arthur W. Lindo, Senior Associate Director, Division of Banking Supervision and Regulation, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve
  • Robert W. Mooney, National Director, Minority and Community Development Banking, FDIC
  • Mark Pearce, Director, Division of Depositor and Consumer Protection, FDIC
  • James Sigler, Contract Oversight Specialist, Franchise and Asset Marketing, FDIC
  • Ronald C. Sommers, Manager, Franchise and Asset Marketing, FDIC
  • H. Robert Tillman, Assistant Director, Supervision, Regulation and Credit, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Last Updated 06/07/2013

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