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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Presentation from the FDIC’s video series entitled the Virtual Directors’ College Program - This presentation reviews corporate governance principles that are vital to a director’s role in setting the direction of the bank.

The presentation focuses on three areas. The first segment covers the role of a bank director, the associated responsibilities, and the importance of independent decision making. The second segment provides direction on the supervision of bank operations. The third segment provides guidance to help directors stay informed.

Presenters include Regional Director Tom Dujenski, Deputy Regional Director John Henrie, Assistant Regional Director Nikita Smith, and Field Supervisor Margaret Myers.

Approximate run time: 22 minutes


Directors’ College Video Series Presentation Materials – Corporate Governance (PDF Help)

FDIC YouTube Channel: Directors’ College Video Series Presentation – Corporate Governance

If you have any questions about this presentation on Corporate Governance, send them to supervision@fdic.gov.


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