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2015 Breakout Module Summaries

Real Estate Appraisals:  What Directors Need to Know
This session will provide an overview of the real estate appraisal process and its importance in the banking industry.  Through case studies and discussion, the session will answer questions including: Why do we need appraisals? What is the Board’s responsibility with regards to appraisals? I’m not an appraiser, how do I know if an appraisal is credible? The session will also address red flags and common deficiencies or problems identified during examinations.

Fraud and Internal Controls
This session will provide information on both traditional and emerging fraud risks facing financial institutions today.  The session will also cover the fundamentals of internal controls and fraud prevention, and provide red flags and tips on how bank directors and management can help protect their institution against fraud.  Additionally, various case studies involving fraud will be presented and discussed among the audience.

Uniform Bank Performance Report (UBPR) Analysis
This session will provide an overview of the UBPR, including a discussion of peer groupings, how the regulators use the UBPR, common ratios on which the regulators focus, how you can use the UBPR to monitor your bank’s performance, and how to obtain a custom UBPR.  This session will also discuss how ratios and numbers alone do not drive the assigned regulatory ratings.  Through an interactive case study, you will have the opportunity to assign CAMELS ratings based on your own review of UBPR ratios.

National and Local Economic Conditions and Analysis
This session will cover the national economic landscape and local economic conditions, including employment trends, real estate conditions, and the interest rate environment. Facilitators will also provide training on fundamentals of economic analysis, and how to track and interpret various economic metrics.

Consumer Protection 2015:  What You Need to Know
This session will assist Directors in understanding the CRA definition of ‘community development’ and how to apply the definition in CRA evaluations, with an emphasis on community development lending, investments, and services.  The session will also focus on Flood Insurance, and will highlight recent regulatory changes, the importance of third-party oversight, and common issues.  The presenters will facilitate interactive discussions and activities for both topics, as well as other emerging issues.

Interest Rates and Liquidity - The Rise of Risk
This session will look beyond the impact that sensitivity to market risk has on net interest income and will explore how rising interest rates could affect a bank’s liquidity position.  The session will focus on expected and best practices for effective liquidity risk and funds management in light of the current interest rate environment.  The session will conclude with an overview of developing appropriate risk limits that can help control liquidity risk from the potential ripple effect of rising rates.