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Directors' College Program

New York Regional Office
Directors and Trustees College Program

2019 Breakout Module Summaries

Conversation with the Regulators

This session will provide an informal setting for participants to hear what is on regulators’ minds and to share experience and insights as a community bank board member. Members of the FDIC regional management team will highlight emerging issues, answer participant questions, and discuss topics raised by participants. The session structure will include prepared remarks as well as an open forum for questions and discussion.

Liquidity Management – Is Your Bank’s Oversight Program Appropriate?

This session will focus on recent trends in funding structures and associated implications for community banks. Key areas directors should be considering in oversight and policies will also be discussed. We will talk about funding concentrations, current regulations regarding brokered deposits, and funding stability. We will also provide an overview of liquidity measurement and monitoring expectations and discuss risk factors impacting your bank’s oversight needs.

Late Cycle Credit – How Stressed is Your Portfolio?

This session will discuss the importance of CRE scenario analysis as a risk management tool to assist the board in assessing current and potential risks within the loan portfolio, establishing minimum capital levels, addressing risk appetite, and setting appropriate product lending limits. The session will walk through a CRE stress scenario, which will show how data inputs, assumptions, and severity of scenarios can influence results.

Audit Committee Oversight

This session will discuss the fundamental elements of effective audit program governance and the audit committee’s critical oversight roles and responsibilities. The session will also cover common examination findings and include an audit committee meeting exercise to reinforce the underlying concepts.

Guidance for New Directors

This session will focus on fundamental board governance issues and is designed for Directors with less than five years’ experience. In addition to discussing participant questions, the session will cover Directors’ roles and responsibilities, the examination process, and effective strategies to monitor bank performance.

Large Group Case Study

Fintech Opportunity – Is This a Sound Strategic Idea?

Fintech company partnerships provide many opportunities, such as quick underwriting, growth, and efficiencies. Markets are dictating that directors make strategic decisions whether or not to partner with fintech companies. This interactive case study will present a fintech market opportunity for the participants to assess and include a discussion of corporate governance and strategic implications.