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Directors' College Program

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Directors and Trustees College Program

2016 Breakout Module Summaries

Board Oversight in a Dynamic Regulatory Environment – Staying One Step Ahead
The Board of Directors sets the tone in an organization. This session will broadly discuss Board oversight and will concentrate on staying abreast of general industry trends and any statutory and regulatory developments pertinent to your institution, including what’s coming in 2016 and 2017.

Emerging Technology
This module will cover the challenges and operational risks associated with emerging banking technologies. Some of the latest technology trends, threats/risks, and related risk management practices will be discussed. Additionally, the session will provide a brief overview of the FDIC’s new Information Technology Risk Examination Program (InTREx) and emerging regulatory IT guidance.

Strategic Planning – A Cornerstone of Sound Corporate Governance
Managing the tradeoff between risk and return is a key factor in determining a bank’s long-term success. This session will provide regulatory perspectives on strategic planning and the role it plays in navigating the ever-changing and challenging banking environment. In addition, other corporate governance elements and third-party risk oversight will be discussed.

Managing Uncertainty – Analyzing Stressed Scenarios

Market turmoil, interest rate volatility, economic downturns...how will dramatic market changes impact banks? This session will provide insights on steps directors can take to manage potential market volatility. Specifically, stress testing expectations and examples for liquidity, interest rate risk, and commercial real estate will be discussed. Misconceptions about regulatory stress testing requirements will also be discussed.


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