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Federal Deposit
Insurance Corporation

Each depositor insured to at least $250,000 per insured bank

Directors' College Program

New York Regional Office
Directors and Trustees College Program

2017 Breakout Module Summaries

Conversation with the Regulators

This forum will provide an informal setting for participants to hear what is on regulators’ minds and to share experience and insights as a community bank board member. Members of the FDIC regional management team will highlight emerging issues, answer participant questions, and discuss topics raised by participants.

Risk Focused Supervision

This case-based session will highlight the importance of risk identification, both from a risk management and consumer protection perspective. Relative to risk management, the content will focus on identifying credit risk. Relative to consumer protection, the content will focus on identifying practices that could lead to consumer harm.

We’ve Been Hacked

This case-based session will take you through a cyber-security attack. Participants will work through developing a response plan, identifying missteps that contributed to the vulnerability, and determining steps to lessen the likelihood of future attacks. Participants will consider any consumer protection implications of an attack. The forum will also include discussions of IT oversight and cyber risk.

Balance Sheet Funding - Strategic Considerations

This module will focus on funding risk trends in the areas of concentrations, on-balance sheet liquidity, brokered deposits, and Internet deposits. It will also include a case study to illustrate the risk/reward tradeoff of funding strategies.


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