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Federal Deposit
Insurance Corporation

Each depositor insured to at least $250,000 per insured bank

Community Banking Initiative

Regional Roundtables

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Purpose of Roundtable Discussions: The FDIC's Board and senior management believe it is important to hear directly from community bankers, trade organizations and state supervisors regarding significant issues affecting - or likely to affect - community banks.

Description of Roundtable Discussions: Roundtable discussions were conducted in each of the FDIC's six supervisory regions: Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, Kansas City, New York, and San Francisco. Each of the meetings had about 50 - 75 attendees, including community bankers, state banking commissioners, state bank trade association representatives, the FDIC's Acting Chairman, one other director from the FDIC's Board, the FDIC's directors for both risk management and consumer protection supervision, and the FDIC's Regional Director for that region.

Each meeting began with a panel discussion on the financial and operational challenges and opportunities facing community banks. A second panel discussion addressed the regulatory interaction process.

Full Report - FDIC Community Banking Initiatives Summary of Roundtable Findings and Examination and Rulemaking Review Activities
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Specific findings from the Roundtables:

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