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Home > Regulation & Examinations > Required Financial Reports > FDIC: Report of Condition and Income (Call Reports) Analysts

FDIC: Report of Condition and Income (Call Reports) Assistance

For Call Report assistance, state member banks should contact their Federal Reserve District Bank. National and FDIC-supervised banks should contact their assigned analyst in the FDIC’s Data Collection and Analysis Section at the telephone number listed below. If you do not know your assigned analyst, you may reach an analyst by telephone at (800) 688-FDIC (3342).
Call Report Analysts Telephone
Dawnita Burton (703) 254-0209
Earnest Davis (703) 254-0219
Lousasha Denis (703) 562-2870
Drew Dexter (703) 258-1066
Jessica Foster (703) 258-1064
Edwin Hall (703) 254-0212
Jim Hanson (972) 761-2192
Kete Iluyomade (703) 254-2364
Kathryn Johnson (972) 761-2216
Kevin Jones (972) 761-2050
Pui Lam (571) 858-8343
Jimmy Lang (703) 254-0206
Charles Stathos (703) 254-0213
Sharon Stephens (703) 254-0207
Angela Thorpe-Harris (972) 761-2258
Julia Xue (703) 254-0210
Additional Points of Contact
Michael McPherson (Lead Analyst) (703) 254-0203
Pam White (Lead Analyst) (703) 254-0211
Vikki Reynolds (Lead Analyst) (972) 761-2143
Edward Christovich (Chief) (703) 254-0199
You may also address correspondence to an analyst via fax at (703) 254-0242 or (703) 254-0243.
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