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Comment on Financial Reform Implementation

August 25, 2010

To begin with, all other professions are grandfather in on changes of rules and regulations, all appraisers that were doing appraisals for FHA before the rule change should be put back on the FHA approved appraiser list. Also all appraisals should be ordered from a state central data base, much like the way FHA previously ordered appraisals. We don't need management companies to rip the bower off. Why is it ok for lawyers to work independly, we should be held to the same standard and be responsible for are actions. The way things are set up now we have to but certain software and answer to these management like we are employee, maybe the IRS should review the way these companies operate. Also these management must take all appraisers and put them on their list, certified or licensed they should not have the right to choose. Picking and choosing, license or certified, young or old, a rules were put in place to protect us all. Follow the rules and get screwed whenever it doesn't please someone. Someone not thinking straight, someone that doesn't understand the process and is only out to benefit themselves. More people have been hurt buy this rule changes than you know and things are not any better in the real estate industry than they were before. The same things are still going on, except now some appraisers are not eating. I still talk to people in the mortgage industry that I'm not working fore and have received Emails that just to mirror the way things are done.

John R. Thomas

Last Updated 9/14/2010

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