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Comment on Financial Reform Implementation

October 20, 2010

This morning I woke up and had received 3 orders from "#$^##^^*&$ National Appraisal Service". The fee was $205.00, just as it has been. I've tried to get higher fees, but I won't receive work. The fee has, and continues to be not reasonable and/or is not customary for "non AMC" fee schedules or what ever you want to call it. None the less, I will continue to work 18 to 20 hours a day to put out a quality product and try to keep a roof over my head, repairs and gas for my 15 year old car, utilities, health insurance, subscriptions for data sources, licensing fees, errors and omissions insurance, fees for continuing education classes, etc, etc, etc, and oh yea, food, and taxes. I was really counting on the Fed to really have the gumption to put their foot down, and put forth something that has substance instead of "jumbled jargon", repeated in triplicate. All I was looking for was a concrete fee schedule, some sort of chart, rows and columns, very simple to read, something like the VA fee schedule that finally puts something in "black and white" that the AMC's MUST ADHERE TO. While the reform act discusses where everyone else can file complaints against the appraiser, where do I turn to for help?

Mike Dalnekoff
Baltimore Maryland

Last Updated 11/04/2010

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