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Comment on Financial Reform Implementation

August 18, 2010

To who it may concern:
I've been an Appraiser for 18 years. My fees up until HVCC were $350 to $450 depending on distance and time involved. When I started 18 years ago they were $250 to $300.
Last year I got a call from an AMC I belong to. They said if I want any work, I would have to lower my fees to $200 per appraisal. That is the most pressure any one should have to take. I had to lower my fees 1/2 just to pay some bills. I still haven't made over $2,200 a month since HVCC an that was once, one month this year I made a big $200. I knew it couldn't last like this, because if Appraisers can't pay there bills, there goes the industry.
Please don't bow to the big banks and there AMC's. I feel like a slave in this current system. We really need to be able to make a living. At least be able to survive.
I ask you to bring back the Fees we used to earn before HVCC and the AMC take over of the industry. The pre-HVCC fees were already low and haven't been adjust for inflation for 10 years.

Thank you for your time.
Chris Gelsinger
Real Estate Appraiser

Last Updated 9/14/2010

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