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Comment on Financial Reform Implementation

September 2, 2010

There needs to be a clear concise rule in regards to posting debit card purchases. (POS) and purchases made by debit cards on the Internet.
This is the Tech age, and no purchase should be held when the debit card is swiped through the machine, or when a merchant on the internet receives the payment, and forward that payment to the customer's bank. It should be posted immediately or AT LEAST by next day. Not next business day, as no "human hands" are needed.
Also, all purchases should be posted as they come in. NOT when Wells Fargo chooses to. Wells Fargo holds these purchases and puts them in the order they want, causing multiple overdrafts. Bank of America is now posting the very same day. Those funds are out of your account pronto..
It is time to implement the Debit Card/Point of Sale regulation for the protection of the consumers.

Yvonne Crouchet
Los Angeles, California.

Last Updated 9/23/2010

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