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Federal Deposit
Insurance Corporation

Each depositor insured to at least $250,000 per insured bank

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1000 - Federal Deposit Insurance Act

SEC. 28. Activities of savings associations
SEC. 29. Brokered deposits
SEC. 30. Contracts between depository institutions and persons providing goods, products, or services
SEC. 32. Agency disapproval of directors and senior executive officers of insured depository institutions or depository institution holding companies
SEC. 33. Depository institution employee protection remedy
SEC. 34. Reward for information leading to recoveries or civil penalties
SEC. 35 Coordination of risk analysis between SEC and Federal banking agencies

SEC. 36. Early identification of needed improvements in financial management
SEC. 37. Accounting objectives, standards, and requirements
SEC. 38. Prompt corrective action

(a) Resolving problems to protect deposit insurance funds
(b) Definitions
(c) Capital standards
(d) Provisions applicable to all institutions
(e) Provisions applicable to undercapitalized institutions
(f) Provisions applicable to significantly undercapitalized institutions and undercapitalized institutions that fail to submit and implement capital restoration plans
(g) More stringent treatment based on other supervisory criteria
(h) Provisions applicable to critically undercapitalized institutions
(i) Restricting activities of critically undercapitalized institutions
(j) Certain government-controlled institutions exempted
(k) Review required when deposit insurance fund incurs material loss
(l) Implementation
(m) Other authority not affected
(n) Administrative review of dismissal orders
(o) Transition rules for savings associations

SEC. 39. Standards for safety and soundness
SEC. 40. FDIC affordable housing program
SEC. 41. Payments on foreign deposits prohibited
SEC. 42 Notice of branch closure
SEC. 43 Depository institutions lacking federal deposit insurance
SEC. 44 Interstate bank mergers
SEC. 45 Authority of state insurance regulator and Securities and Exchange Commission
SEC. 46 Safety and soundness firewalls applicable to financial subsidiaries of banks
SEC. 47 Insurance customer protections
SEC. 48 CRA sunshine requirements

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Last updated March 2, 2012

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