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Trust Examination Manual

Section 11- Foreword

This Manual of Examination Policies has been developed primarily for the benefit of the field examiner, although it will also be useful to Regional or Washington Office staff members. It explains the policies and examination objectives of the Corporation and the Division of Supervision pertaining to registered transfer agent activities in a concise, understandable, and usable format. The Manual is also available to bankers and the general public upon request.

The text of the Manual is separated into sections. Part I, Basic Transfer Agent Concepts and Guidelines, provides guidance on the rationale for registered transfer agent examinations, an overview of the statutory and regulatory framework governing registered transfer agent activity, the Registered Transfer Agent Rating System, examination priorities and frequency, pre-examination planning activities and other information with which the examiner must be familiar.

For examiners to properly fulfill their responsibilities, they must be knowledgeable of the principles, policies, and practices set forth in this manual and be reasonably familiar with applicable Federal and state laws and regulations.


    Last Updated 05/10/2005

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