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PR-43-95 (6-29-95)
Media Contact:
David Barr (202) 898-6992

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation today released a list of orders of administrative enforcement actions taken against banks and individuals in May of 1995. One administrative hearing is scheduled during July.

The FDIC processed a total of 27 final orders in May. These included one voluntary termination of insurance, three cease-and-desist orders, three call report penalties, eight removal and prohibition orders, 11 terminations of cease-and-desist orders and one adjudicated decision.

Copies of the orders referenced above can be obtained upon written request to the Office of Corporate Communications, FDIC, 550 17th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20429 (or FAX 202/898-8565); or by inspection Monday through Friday in the FDIC's Reading Room, Room 7118, at the 17th Street location. A list of orders made public today and the hearing scheduled for July follow.

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FINAL ORDERS ISSUED PURSUANT TO SECTION 8(b), 12 U.S.C. . 1818(b) (Cease-and-Desist)

Pacific Thrift and Loan Company, Woodland Hills, CA; FDIC-95-44b; Issued 5/18/95

DuPage Valley State Bank, Woodridge, IL; FDIC-94-53b; Issued 5/31/95

Bank of Hollandale, Hollandale, MS; FDIC-95-52b; Issued 5/11/95

FINAL ORDERS ISSUED PURSUANT TO SECTION 8(a), 12 U.S.C. . 1818(a) (Voluntary Termination of Insurance Status)

Union Bank, North Providence, RI; FDIC-95-43a; Issued 5/18/95

FINAL ORDERS ISSUED PURSUANT TO SECTION 7(a), 12 U.S.C. . 1817(a) (Call Report Penalties)

Frances Slocum Bank and Trust, Wabash, IN; CR-93-9302-40; Issued 5/22/95

Farmers State Bank of Trimont, Trimont, MN; CR-95-9403-5; Issued 5/18/95

State Bank of Seneca, Seneca, MS; CR-95-9403-6; Issued 5/18/95

FINAL ORDERS ISSUED PURSUANT TO SECTION 8(e), 12 U.S.C. . 1818(e) (Removal and Prohibition Orders)

Valley Commercial Bank, Stockton, CA; FDIC-94-149e; against Mitchell P. Kleier; Issued 5/11/95 [closed 4/24/92]

Burritt InterFinancial Bancorporation, New Britain, CT; FDIC-95-22e; against Robert M. Pawloski; Issued 5/2/95 [closed 12/4/92]

Bank of South Palm Beaches, Hypoluxo, FL; FDIC- 95-47e; against Kenneth A. Jewell; Issued 5/18/95 [closed 8/9/91]

Bank of South Palm Beaches, Hypoluxo, FL; FDIC-95-46e; against Dixon Li; Issued 5/18/95 [closed 8/9/91]

Bank of South Palm Beaches, Hypoluxo, FL; FDIC-95-49e; against Alan E. Tonks; Issued 5/18/95 [closed 8/9/91]

Bank of South Palm Beaches, Hypoluxo, FL; FDIC-95-48e; against Robert J. Whitaker; Issued 5/18/95 [closed 8/9/91]

First Bank of Marietta, Marietta, OH; FDIC-95-25e; against Jerry L. Biehl; Issued 5/11/95

Farmers and Merchants Bank, Dyer, TN; FDIC-94-73e; FDIC-95-36b; against Albert D. Noe and Michael D. Johnson; Issued 5/11/95


Terminations of Cease-and-Desist Orders

Bank of Westminster, Westminster, CA; FDIC-92-143b; Issued 5/18/95

United American Bank, Westminster, CA; Now Known As: Guaranty Bank of California, Los Angeles, CA; FDIC-91-203b; Issued 5/12/95

Pacific Thrift and Loan Company, Woodland Hills, CA; FDIC-94-157b; Issued 5/30/95

Pacific Thrift and Loan Company, Woodland Hills, CA; FDIC-93-231b; Issued 5/30/95

The Bank of New Haven, New Haven, CT; FDIC-91-309b; Issued 5/26/95

First Colonial Bank of DuPage County, Naperville, IL; FDIC-94-5b; Issued 5/16/95

Canton Institution for Savings, the Bank of Canton, Canton, MA; FDIC-93-133b; Issued 5/1/95

Chestnut Hill Bank and Trust Company, Chestnut, MA; FDIC-91-270b; Issued 5/15/95

Framingham Savings Bank, Framingham, MA; FDIC-92-29b; Issued 5/10/95

Commerce Bank and Trust Company, Worcester, MA; FDIC-91-357b; Issued 5/24/95

The Ramapo Bank, Wayne, NJ; FDIC-92-330b; Issued 5/26/95


Suffield Bank, Suffield, CT; FDIC-92-300e; against Allan Hutensky, John R. Dibella, Kenneth J. Delisa, William J. Bodie, Jr., and Frank J. Dengenis; Issued 5/3/95 [closed 9/6/91]


Crescent City Bank & Trust Company, New Orleans, LA; In the Matter of Ray C. Baas; FDIC-92-166e; Section 8(e) Proceeding [closed 12/15/88]

Date: July 17, 1995
Location: United States District Court
500 Camp Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70130
FDIC contact: Broderick E. Nichols, Paralegal Specialist
Memphis Regional Office

Last Updated 07/14/1999

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