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PR-31-95 (4-28-95)
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David Barr (202) 898-6992

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation today released a list of orders of administrative enforcement actions taken against banks and individuals in March of 1995. No administrative hearings are scheduled during May.

The FDIC processed a total of 37 final orders in March. These included five cease-and-desist orders, three call report penalties, six removal and prohibition orders, one suspension order, one civil money penalty, one prompt corrective action, two voluntary terminations of insurance, one modification of a cease-and-desist order, 12 terminations of cease-and-desist orders, two orders terminating the notice of suspension and prohibition, one order terminating civil money penalty proceeding, one order withdrawing notice of intent to issue a supervisory prompt corrective action directive and one adjudicated decision.

Copies of the orders referenced above can be obtained upon written request to the Office of Corporate Communications, FDIC, 550 17th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20429 (or FAX 202/898-8565); or by inspection Monday through Friday in the FDIC's Reading Room, Room 7118, at the 17th Street location. A list of the orders made public today follows.

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FINAL ORDERS ISSUED PURSUANT TO SECTION 8(b), 12 U.S.C. . 1818(b) (Cease-and-Desist)

California Security Bank, San Jose, CA; FDIC-94-186b; Issued 3/2/95

Topa Thrift and Loan Association, Los Angeles, CA; FDIC-95-18b; Issued 3/2/95

Worthington State Bank, Worthington, IN; FDIC-93-127b; against Mark D. Van Eaton; Issued 3/7/95 [closed 11/14/91]

Meetinghouse Cooperative Bank, Boston, MA; FDIC-95-41b; Issued 3/29/95

Peoples Bank and Trust, Borger, TX; FDIC-94-199b; Issued 3/15/95

FINAL ORDERS ISSUED PURSUANT TO SECTION 7(a), 12 U.S.C. . 1817(a) (Call Report Penalties)

Pacific Thrift and Loan Company, Woodland Hills, CA; CR-95-9403-1; Issued 3/24/95

State Bank of Keysport, Keysport, IL; CR-95-9403-3; Issued 3/24/95

Brill State Bank, Brill, WI; CR-93-9302-44; Issued 3/27/95

FINAL ORDERS ISSUED PURSUANT TO SECTION 8(e), 12 U.S.C. . 1818(e) (Removal and Prohibition Orders)

Worthington State Bank, Worthington, IN; FDIC-93-128e; against Mark D. Van Eaton; Issued 3/7/95 [closed 11/14/91]

Sylvia State Bank, Sylvia, KS; FDIC-93-93e; against Richard A. Benjes; Issued 3/14/95

Heritage Bank for Savings, Holyoke, MA; FDIC-95-10e; against Manuel B. Duarte; Issued 3/1/95 [closed 12/4/92]

The Bank of Walnut, Walnut, MS; FDIC-94-39e; against Larry J. Whitehead; Issued 3/3/95

Commercial Bank & Trust Company, Muskogee, OK; FDIC-93-167e; against Jerry B. Baker; Issued 3/31/95

Citizens State Bank of Lometa, Lometa, TX; FDIC-94-44e; against A.G. Cummings; Issued 3/6/95

FINAL ORDERS ISSUED PURSUANT TO SECTION 8(g), 12 U.S.C. . 1818(g) (Suspension Order)

Lyndonville Savings Bank and Trust Company, Lyndonville, VT; Issued 2/28/95

FINAL ORDERS ISSUED PURSUANT TO SECTION 8(i), 12 U.S.C. . 1818(i) (Civil Money Penalty)

The Bank of Walnut, Walnut, MS; FDIC-94-40k; against Larry J. Whitehead, Doris D. Palmer, Mary H. Ray and Louis W. Fortenberry; Issued 3/3/95

FINAL ORDERS ISSUED PURSUANT TO SECTION 38, 12 U.S.C. . 1831(o) (Prompt Corrective Action)

Brentwood Bank of California, Los Angeles, CA; FDIC-94-120PCAS; Issued 3/6/95

FINAL ORDERS ISSUED PURSUANT TO SECTION 8(q), 12 U.S.C. . 1818(q) (Voluntary Terminations of Insurance)

Great Pacific Bank, S.S.B., San Mateo, CA; FDIC-94-206q; Issued 3/1/95

Bank Hapoalim B.M., Chicago, IL; FDIC-95-30q; Issued 3/24/95


The Boston Bank of Commerce, Boston, MA; FDIC-93-207b; Issued 3/24/95


Orders Terminating an Order to Cease and Desist

The Peoples Bank, Elba, AL; FDIC-93-165b; Issued 3/9/95

State Bank of India (California), Los Angeles, CA; FDIC-94-49b; Issued 3/20/95

California Security Bank, San Jose, CA; FDIC-87-101b; Issued 3/2/95

Golden Gate Bank, San Francisco, CA; FDIC-93-50b; Issued 3/30/95

Liberty Industrial Bank, Colorado Springs, CO; FDIC-92-278b; Issued 3/14/95

Citywide Bank of Denver, Denver, CO; FDIC-91-275b; Issued 3/21/95

Peoples State Bank of Groveland, Groveland, FL; FDIC-92-65b; Issued 3/3/95

Bank of Louisiana, New Orleans, LA; FDIC-89-191b; Issued 3/28/95

Chickasha Bank & Trust Company, Chickasha, OK; FDIC-89-34b; Issued 3/10/95

First State Bank, Tahlequah, OK; FDIC-93-151b; Issued 3/17/95

Bank of Jefferson, Jefferson, SC; FDIC-94-15b; Issued 3/29/95

Pavillion Bank, Dallas, TX; FDIC-92-88b; Issued 3/14/95

Orders Terminating the Notice of Suspension and Prohibition

Community Bank of Utica, Utica, IL; against Gildo E. Costa; Issued 3/1/95

The Carmel Bank and Trust Company, Carmel, IN; Issued 3/14/95

Order Terminating Civil Money Penalty Proceeding

Worthington State Bank, Worthington, Indiana; FDIC-93-126k; against Mark D. Van Eaton; Issued 3/7/95 [closed 11/14/91]

Order Withdrawing Notice of Intent to Issue a Supervisory Prompt Corrective Action Directive

The Marian State Bank, Philadelphia, PA; FDIC-94-9PCAS; Issued 3/23/95


The Citizens State Bank of Lometa, Lometa, TX; FDIC-94-44e; Decision and Order Approving Application To Modify Order of Prohibition From Further Participation against A.G. Cummings; Issued 3/29/95

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