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Financial Institution Letters

November 20, 2008

The following individuals have been added to OFAC's SDN list:

AW-MOHAMED, Ahmed Abdi (a.k.a. ABUZUBAIR, Muktar Abdulrahim; a.k.a. AW MOHAMMED,Ahmed Abdi; a.k.a. "ABU ZUBEYR"; a.k.a. "GODANE"; a.k.a. "GODANI"; a.k.a."SHAYKH MUKHTAR"); DOB 10 Jul 1977; POB Hargeysa, Somalia; nationality Somalia(individual)[SDGT]

EL HABHAB, Redouane (a.k.a. "ABDELRAHMAN"), Iltisstrasse 58, Kiel 24143, Germany; DOB 20 Dec 1969; POB Casablanca, Morocco; nationality Germany; National ID No. 1007850441 (Germany) issued 27 Mar 2001 expires 26 Mar 2011; Passport 1005552350 (Germany) issued 27 Mar 2001 expires 26 Mar 2011; currently incarcerated in Lubeck, Germany(individual)[SDGT]

ISSA, Issa Osman (a.k.a. ATTO, Abdullah; a.k.a. BUR, Abdullah; a.k.a. SUDANI,Abdala; a.k.a. "AFADEY"; a.k.a. "MUSSE"); DOB 1973; POB Malindi, Kenya; nationality Kenya(individual)[SDGT]

ROBOW, Mukhtar (a.k.a. ALI, Mujahid Mukhtar Robow; a.k.a. ALI, Mukhtar Abdullahi; a.k.a. ALI, Shaykh Mukhtar Robo; a.k.a. RUBU, Mukhtar Ali; a.k.a. "ABU MANSOUR"; a.k.a. "ABU MANSUR"); DOB 1969; alt. DOB 10 Oct 1969; POB Xudur,Somalia; alt. POB Keren, Eritrea; nationality Eritrea; National ID No. 1372584 (Kenya); Passport 0310857 (Eritrea) issued 21 Aug 2006 expires 20 Aug 2008;(Following data derived from an Eritrean passport issued under the alias name of Mukhtar Abdullahi Ali: Alt. DOB: 10 October 1969; Alt. POB: Keren Eritrea; nationality: Eritrean; National ID No.: 1372584, Kenya; Passport No.: 0310857, Eritrea, Issue Date 21 August 2006, Expire Date 20 August 2008)(individual)[SDGT]

Last Updated 12/3/2008

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