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Financial Institution Letters

Business Area Transaction Name, Acronym and Description Schedule Activation Date Available to:
Supervision Electronic Branch Application Submission: This system may be used to apply to the FDIC to establish a domestic branch, to relocate a domestic branch or main office, and to retain existing branches after the interstate relocation of the main office (Subpart C – Part 303, FDIC Rules and Regulations). This system should not be used for merger transactions, establishing insured branches of foreign banks or foreign branches of domestic banks, interstate acquisition of an individual branch or branches, or to provide notice of branch closings. Week of 12/15/2003 FDIC-Regulated Institutions
Supervision Beneficial Ownership Report Filings: A new interagency electronic filing system was made available to facilitate the submission of beneficial ownership reports by directors, officers, and principal shareholders of institutions whose equity securities are registered with the FDIC, the FRB, the OCC, and the OTS. The agencies encourage the use of the electronic filing system for the filing of beneficial ownership filings. The agencies will be issuing guidance making electronic filing of beneficial ownership reports mandatory, as required by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, which is expected to occur by the first quarter of 2004. Available Now Institutions subject to filings under the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934.


Accessed outside the FDICconnect Business Center

Post Exam Survey: Use this application to complete a Post Exam Survey after Compliance and Safety and Soundness exams. An access number will be delivered with your Final Report of Exam, at which time you may log onto to provide your feedback. There is no need to register with FDICconnect to complete the survey, it is located outside of the Business Center. Available Now All institutions recently examined for Compliance or Safety & Soundness
Finance Assessment Invoice Delivery: Use this transaction to download the most current and the two previous quarters’ assessment invoices or certified statements for your institution. The download will include the assessment guidelines as well as any other documentation included with that invoice or statement. Week of 12/15/2003 Limited initial audience
Finance Duplicate Invoice Request: Use this transaction to request duplicate invoices or certified statements which are older than the invoices or statements that are available for downloading (see above). You can specify the quarter and year of the duplicate invoice or statement and verify your institution's contact information. Please note, invoices and statements are only available for the previous five-year period. Available Now All FDIC Insured Institutions

Assessment Payment Information:

Update ACH Information: Use this transaction to register your institution’s Automated Clearing House (ACH) information for assessment payments. You can also update existing ACH information, changing the Account Number, Routing Transit Number (RTN), and selecting the account type, GL or DDA. Additionally, you may update the ACH contact name, phone, and/or fax number.

Update Payment Option: Use this transaction to establish or terminate participation in the pre-payment and double payment programs. Please note, pre-payment is only available for the January 2nd invoice which you may elect to pay on December 30th. If you elect the pre-pay program, you can then elect to double pay on December 30th as well. Deadline for receipt of these requests to be effective is 60 days prior to the January 2nd invoice date.

Available Now All FDIC Insured Institutions
Customer Service Contact FDIC Ombudsman: Use this transaction to send questions, comments, or complaints to the FDIC Ombudsman. Available Now FDIC-Regulated Institutions
Resolutions and Receiverships

Acquiring a Failed Financial Institution Survey: Use this transaction to express interest in being notified of potentially failing financial institutions. The survey will help the FDIC tailor potential bid lists based on submitted institution preferences such as merger and acquisition contact information, deposit minimum/maximum acquisition size, and geographic areas of interest in acquiring potentially failing institutions.

Completing the survey does not mean that you will automatically be notified of all potentially failing institutions that meet stated criteria. The FDIC will review the submitted information to pre-approve each bid list based on a set of supervisory criteria prior to sending notification of a marketing effort.

For information regarding loan sales, please access

Available Now All FDIC Insured Institutions
Administration Logo Request: Use this transaction to order electronic logos from the FDIC. The logos can be used in publications and electronic media. Available Now All FDIC Insured Institutions
Administration FDIC Online Catalog: Use this transaction to order or download FDIC products. Items such as posters, decals, brochures, and artwork are available for shipping. Items available for download include software applications. Available Now All FDIC Insured Institutions
Institution Structure Institution Information: Use this transaction to change or correct the name of your institution or the address of its main office. You can also change or correct a branch name or address, or notify the FDIC of a branch closing. Available Now All FDIC Insured Institutions


Accessed outside the FDICconnect Business Center

Summary of Deposits – Internet Collection (SOD-IC): Use this application to submit your yearly SOD bank data. A User ID and PIN will be mailed to your institution prior to the reporting deadline, at which time you may log onto to provide your data. There is no need to register with FDICconnect to complete the survey, it is located outside of the Business Center. Available Now All banks subject to the Summary of Deposits reporting requirement
Last Updated 12/08/2003

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