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Tapping the Unbanked Market


Photo Essay: "Tapping the Unbanked Market"


Cynthia Amador is President & CEO of CHARO Community Development Corporation. Ms. Amador has over 18 years of economic development experience and is nationally recognized for her program design expertise. Her recent economic development projects include: SBA Women's Center, CHARO Home Mortgage Center, Business Incubator, Community Entrepreneur Center and Entrepreneur Training Program among others.

At CHARO, Ms. Amador has authored, initiated and negotiated over $18.1 million in new contracts, amounting to 65% of the total revenue of the corporation. She recruited a new management team to implement the following:

  • Banking and Financial Center
  • Business Assistance Center
  • Business Innovative Center
  • Energy Conservation Program
  • Affordable Housing Complexes
  • Commercial Development of 2.5 Acre Property
  • Wholesale Nursery
  • Child Care Development Center

The majority of the contracts mentioned have reached their goals and performed beyond contract expectations.

Ms. Amador's expertise also included preparing feasibility studies and implementing plans for new ventures. Ms. Amador has been instrumental in designing and implementing marketing campaigns that created new business relations with local, state and federal funding entities. In doing so, she has led the team in developing CHARO as an economic development expert and destination for small businesses.

Ms. Amador is also responsible for executive oversight of division managers including: coaching, adherence to contract goals and corporate development. She is an expert in implementing plans for new ventures, securing venture and program funding and project management.

Ms. Amador's consulting and employment experience includes work with Rockwell International, Magnavox Advance Products, Latin Business Foundation, Coalition of Neighborhood Developers and Volunteers of America.

A graduate of the University of Southern California, Ms. Amador has been a volunteer board member of Women at Work, Xavier University Preparatory, Latin Business Foundation and the California Community Economic Development Association, among others.


Prior to his election to Congress, Congressman Spencer Bachus served in a number of elected positions. He served in the State House of Representatives, the Alabama State Senate and on the Alabama State School Board. He was elected Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party and was elected to Congress in November 1992.

Congressman Bachus also served as Governor Guy Hunt's campaign manager in his first successful run for the governorship. That same year, Congressman Bachus successfully ran for the State School Board, becoming the first Republican elected to the State School Board in more than 100 years.

Congressman Bachus serves on three influential committees. He is a senior member of the Financial Services Committee and serves as Chairman of the Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit. The subcommittee has jurisdiction over banks, credit unions, thrifts and the federal agencies that regulate them, including the Federal Reserve, the U.S. Treasury and the Comptroller of the Currency. He also serves on the Transportation Committee and the Judiciary Committee.

A native of Birmingham, Alabama, Congressman Bachus graduated from Auburn University and the University of Alabama's Law School. He and his wife Linda are the parents of five children and attend Hunter Street Baptist Church.


Sheila Bair has over 20 years experience working in the nation's capital in senior positions in government and financial services. The National Journal has described her as "an experienced Washington hand that has forged a career at the intersection of politics and policy."

A 1978 graduate of Kansas University Law School, she began her career in the General Counsel's office of the former US Department of Health, Education and Welfare. In 1981, she joined the staff of Senator Robert Dole (R KS), working for him on both his senate leadership staff and his 1988 presidential campaign. In 1990, she was a candidate for Congress in the Kansas 5th District. From 1991 - 1995, she served as a Commissioner on the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, being appointed by President George Bush in 1991 then re-appointed by President Bill Clinton in 1994. Following her tenure on the CFTC, she spent five years as Senior Vice President of Government Relations for the New York Stock Exchange.

Ms. Bair was President George W. Bush's first pick to serve as the Treasury Department's Assistant Secretary for Financial Institutions in his new Administration. During her tenure at Treasury, she was responsible for a wide range of policies affecting financial institutions related to safety and soundness, consumer protection, and national security. In the aftermath of the September 11 attacks, Secretary Paul O'Neill cited her for her tireless work on the enactment of terrorism insurance legislation and for her integral involvement in Treasury's development of the USA Patriot Act regulations. The Wall Street Journal, among other publications, recognized her as playing "a lead role for the Bush Administration in negotiations over terrorism insurance, bank deposit insurance reform, and numerous other financial issues" and as "knowledgeable and dedicated in her approach to legislative issues."

While at Treasury, Ms. Bair also served as Secretary O'Neill's representative on the Board of the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation and was a key staff player in the development of the Administration's post-Enron proposals for strengthening retirement security protections. Her large, diverse portfolio also included the Chairmanship of the Financial and Banking Information Infrastructure Committee of the President's Critical Infrastructure Protection Board which had lead responsibility of strengthening the financial services infrastructure post- 9/11.

Due to family obligations, Ms. Bair resigned her position with Treasury in the summer of 2002. She, her husband Scott Cooper, and their two children, Preston, 10 and Colleen, 3, now live in Amherst, MA, where Ms. Bair serves as Dean's Professor of Financial Regulatory Policy at the University of Massachusetts Isenberg School of Management and associate professor at the University's Center for Public Policy and Administration. At the University, her research has focused on financial services regulatory structure, particularly with regard to insurance and government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs).

She is also actively involved in efforts to improve access to financial services among low and moderate income Americans. She is currently heading a major research project to examine the consumer ramifications of an optional federal charter for life insurers, and has recently published papers on the Federal Home Loan Bank System and efforts to improve Latino immigrant access to the US banking system. A passionate advocate of financial education, she also writes articles for children about financial matters, most recently publishing "How Banks Work" in the June, 2003 edition of Highlights for Children.


James Ballentine became the American Bankers Association's Director of Community Development and Director of the Center for Community Development in August 2000.

As the Director of the Center, Mr. Ballentine is part of ABA's Government Relations office, and leads a team that manages community development, housing and small business issues for the Association. Mr. Ballentine serves as one of ABA's leading experts on the issue of predatory lending and emerging market outreach.

The Center's staff develops projects and services designed to help lenders find constructive ways to encourage and promote sound lending, equal access to credit and attendant banking services, and investment in minority and low-and moderate income communities.

Before the ABA, Mr. Ballentine served as the Senior Advisor to the Deputy Administrator at the U.S. Small Business Administration and later as the Associate Deputy Administrator for Government Contracting and Business Development at the SBA, responsible for coordinating the Administration's small business minority development programs.

Prior to SBA James worked nine years on Capitol Hill as the Chief of Staff and Legislative Director (1993 - 1998) to Maryland Congressman Albert Wynn and as Legislative Director (1989-1992) to New York Congressman Frank Horton.


Michael S. Barr is Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Michigan Law School, where he teaches Financial Institutions, Jurisdiction and Choice of Law, and Transnational Law. Barr is also a nonresident Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution Center on Urban and Metropolitan Policy.

Barr served in senior positions in the U.S. government from 1994 to 2001: Special Adviser and Counselor on the Policy Planning Staff of the State Department, Treasury Secretary Robert E. Rubin's Special Assistant, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Community Development Policy, and Special Adviser to President Clinton. Barr helped to negotiate final passage of the financial modernization law, and to enact over $25 billion in initiatives to expand access to capital and financial services for low-income communities.

He earned a B.A. from Yale University, an M. Phil. from Oxford University, as a Rhodes Scholar, and a J.D. from Yale Law School. Barr clerked for then-District Court Judge Pierre Leval in New York, and for Justice David Souter of the U.S. Supreme Court.


Chiquita D. Board is a native of South Carolina by way of Rochester, New York and has a passionate desire to deliver financial education to unbanked youth and adults across the state of Georgia. During the last five years, she has worked on the following initiatives:

  • Welfare to Work Financial Literacy Project, funded by Private Industry Council
  • Welfare to Work Job Club/Literacy Project, refunded by DeKalb Workforce Development Department (formerly Private Industry Council)
  • First Accounts Project Coordinator to serve unbanked low to moderate income audiences funded by Department of Treasury
  • Case Manager for Department of Family & Children Services both Fulton and DeKalb
  • Volunteer Coordinator for Council on Aging, Senior Programs
  • Program Assistant for Southern Regional Council, redistricting programs

Ms. Board has worked on and served as panelist on various projects. In 2003, Ms. Board has been a Georgia Saves presenter; a speaker at the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bankers roundtable meeting and a First Account moderator for the official kickoff campaign. In 2002, Ms. Board was a panelist on the Welfare to Work Roundtable conference sponsored by Department of Labor; the American Council on Consumer Interests Conference; the Alabama Federal Reserve Bank community based organization; and participated in the FDIC's Money Smart train-the-trainer program.

Current financial literacy initiatives include the First Account initiative to move 330 Georgians to financial institutions by December 31, 2004. Additional spin off projects include Georgia Saves statewide initiative, Predatory Lending and ongoing youth programs to include Stock Market Game, Mini-Society and educational workshops.

Awards include the Dean Don Felker Financial Management Award in 2000 and 2003. Additionally, she received the Georgia Extension Association for Family and Consumer Sciences New Professional Award in 2002. Memberships include Georgia Consortium for Personal Financial Literacy, Georgia Extension Association for Family and Consumer Sciences and Toastmasters International.


Kelvin Boston is the President of Boston Media, Inc., the financial information company responsible for producing Moneywise with Kelvin Boston PBS television series, the Moneywise Minute ABC radio program, the Moneywise Report newsletter and the Moneywise Financial Literacy Outreach Program.

Kelvin Boston grew up in the public housing projects of South Wilmington, Delaware. After graduating from Lincoln University (PA) in 1978, Kelvin returned to Wilmington and organized the South Wilmington Housing Counseling Service. The South Wilmington Housing Counseling Service helps low-income families become homeowners. Today, the South Wilmington Housing Counseling Service is one of the largest housing counseling agencies in the state of Delaware.

In 1979, Kelvin became the Special Assistant for Community Relations to the Mayor of Wilmington, Delaware, William T. McLaughlin. While serving in McLaughlin's administration, Kelvin met an African American economist who told him "that the social progress of Black America will always be tied to the economic progress of Black America." Inspired by these words, Kelvin Boston began his career as a financial planner with American Express Financial Advisors (formerly known as IDS Financial Advisors) and eventually became a Regional Manager of Financial Planning for the company.

In 1990, Kelvin produced the nation's first weekly financial television series for people of color, Financial Insight. After airing for only one year on Barden Cablevision, the series was renamed the Color of Money and added to the programming schedule of WTVS Channel 56 in Detroit. By 1992, the Color of Money featuring Kelvin Boston was airing on more than 200 public television stations nationwide.

In 1994, the series was added to BET's national programming line up. In 1996, the Color of Money was renamed Moneywise with Kelvin Boston and aired on the Knowledge Cable network.

In 2000, the Moneywise with Kelvin Boston series became an official PBS series. Today Moneywise with Kelvin Boston is the nation's leading multicultural financial affair series distributed on public television stations. The Moneywise series was distributed to 83 million households in 2002. In 2001, Boston Media, Inc. produced the Moneywise Minute for ABC Radio's Touch network. This weekly 60 second financial program provided financial information and tips that Americans could use and understand. The Moneywise Minute aired on 75 urban radio stations in 26 states and in 126 countries (via the Arm Forces Radio Network). The Moneywise Minute reached 1.4 million listeners a week. The Moneywise Minute radio show is being reformatted for radio syndication in 2004.

Kelvin Boston is the author of the best selling book, Smart Money Moves for African Americans (Putnam/Perigee 1996). Kelvin Boston is also a popular public speaker and a member of the Certified Financial Planning Board's Consumer Advisory Council. The New York Times has referred to Kelvin Boston as an "outspoken voice for economic empowerment."


A national community leader cited by the past four sitting U.S. presidents for his work to empower low-wealth communities across America and author of BANKING ON OUR FUTURE, a book on youth and family economic literacy published by Beacon Press, John Bryant is a noted business builder, corporate-to-community bridge builder, social entrepreneur, advisor to governments, and one of the most authoritative and compelling advocates for poverty eradication in America today.

Three times during the 20th Century TIME Magazine has compiled a list of America's future leadership. On December 5th, 1994, John Bryant was selected by TIME Magazine as "One of America's 50 Most Promising Leaders of the Future," as part of their "50 for the Future" cover story.

On June 5th, 2003, U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan joined John Bryant in an inner-city, Washington, D.C. area classroom as they teamed up to co-teach a Banking on Our Future economic literacy course; in an effort designed to highlight the national importance of economic literacy in monetary policy, and everyday American life.

On April 24th, 2002, Mr. Bryant joined former President William Jefferson Clinton in Harlem, New York, to announce a partnership to educate every child in Harlem in economic literacy over 5-years, and on April 29th, 2002, Mr. Bryant hosted U.S. President George W. Bush in South Los Angeles, in commemoration of the rebuilding of community on the 10th anniversary of the worst urban civil unrest in U.S. history.

Mr. Bryant is the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Operation HOPE, Inc., America's first non-profit social investment banking organization and a leading national self-help provider of economic empowerment tools and services for the under-served and the wealthless. As chairman and chief executive officer of Operation HOPE Mr. Bryant works in active partnership with more than 100 banks, along with corporate and government leaders, and directs the activities of eight non-profit companies, operating in eight states and the District of Columbia.

In his private-sector business capacity Mr. Bryant serves as chairman and chief executive officer of the Bryant Group of Companies, Inc., a privately held business involved in several business partnerships.

Mr. Bryant has served on several corporate boards, including the corporate board of directors for 3-Day Blinds, Inc. and Southern Pacific Bank, and currently serves on the community board for Wells Fargo & Co., the Telecommunications Consumer Advisory Panel and the Board of Governors for the Kravis Leadership Institute at Claremont McKenna College.

In 1998 the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, Geneva, Switzerland, appointed Mr. Bryant to be the first UNCTAD goodwill ambassador to the United States of America for the Partners for Development Initiative (August 25, 1998 - May 10, 1999). In May, 1999, Ambassador Bryant was appointed a special advisor and consultant to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development in Geneva, Switzerland.

On May 4, 1998, Bryant became the first African-American in history to be knighted by German nobility and the royal House of Lippe.

On May 7th, 2001, Mr. Bryant was selected by Oprah Winfrey and the Oprah's Angel Network Foundation to receive the Use Your Life Award on the Oprah Winfrey Show, by People Magazine on April 29th, 2002, as their Community Hero on the 10th anniversary of the worst urban civil unrest in U.S. history, and by WORTH Magazine in December, 2002, as One of America's 25 Most Generous Young Americans.

Viewing community service as important, Mr. Bryant was the co-founder and the first president of The New Leaders organization, a group of African-American professionals in Los Angeles. A lover of international art and African culture, Mr. Bryant formed Bryant Group Africa following his inaugural trip to Africa in 1997. BGA ( represents his growing collection of original Shona stone sculpture art from Zimbabwe, Africa.

Mr. Bryant serves on the board of trustees for First A.M.E. Church, the oldest Black church in Los Angeles, California, the national board for the Black Leadership Forum, the board of governors for the City Club on Bunker Hill, the board of directors of the Southern California Committee for the Olympic Games, the national honorary board for the Underground Railroad Freedom Center, and the advisory board for the FAME Renaissance Program, and the Center for Community Partnership at UCLA. John Bryant was born on February 6th, 1966, at Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles, California, where he resides today.


Evelyn Edwards comes to us from the banking/finance industry where she has spent the last 11 years. Presently, she is the Assistant Vice President of Community Reinvestment for BancorpSouth Bank - Mid-Mississippi Region (Hinds, Madison, Rankin, Simpson, and Warren County, MS).

She serves as the liaison between BancorpSouth and the communities in which it serves. In this capacity, her primary duties consist of conducting and or organizing financial education seminars for youth and adults; building partnerships with non-profit organizations that serve the low-to-moderate income population; conducting in-house CRA and Fair Lending training; and conducting homebuyer education workshops.

Mrs. Edwards serves on the Board of Directors of the following organizations: Urban League of Greater Jackson where she serves as Secretary and Chair of the Fundraising Committee; Mississippi JumpStart Coalition where she chairs the Special Projects Committee; and Gary Road Elementary Parent Teacher Organization where she serves as Vice-President. She also serves on the Jackson Enterprise Community Advisory Council, the MS IDA Collaborative, Friends of Children of Mississippi's Micro Loan Screening Committee, The Salvation Army Women's Auxiliary, Hinds County Human Resource Agency's Advisory Council, Brownfield Redevelopment Advisory Council, Earned Income Tax Credit Coalition, and as a Junior Achievement Economics Consultant.

A native of Tchula, MS, Mrs. Edwards is the youngest of ten, and a graduate of Rust College where she earned a BA in English Literature - Pre-Law. She is also a former graduate student of the University of Akron. Mrs. Edwards is the mother of two beautiful girls, ages 7 and 9, and the wife of Rev. Gary Edwards. They are active followers of 0Christ.


Former U.S. Congressman, the Reverend Dr. Floyd H. Flake is the senior pastor of the more than 17,000 member Greater Allen A. M. E. Cathedral of New York in Jamaica, Queens, and President of Wilberforce University in Ohio. During his 28-year pastorate, Allen has become one of the nation's foremost Christian churches and development corporations. The church and its subsidiary corporations operate with an annual budget of over $34 million. The church also owns expansive commercial and residential developments; a 500-student private school founded by Flake and his wife Elaine, and various commercial and social service enterprises, which has placed it among the nation's most productive religious and urban development institutions. The corporations, church administrative offices, school, and ministries comprise one of the Borough of Queens' largest private sector employers.

From 1986-97 Flake served in the U.S. Congress, and was a member of the Banking and Finance, and The Small Business Committees. He established a reputation for bipartisan, innovative legislative initiatives to revitalize urban commercial and residential communities. Most notably, the Community Development Financial Institutions Act of 1993 contained provisions named the Bank Enterprise Act (BEA), authored by Representative Floyd Flake, which provided incentives for financial institutions to make market-oriented investments in destabilized urban and rural economies. These BEA provisions along with the Community Development Fund Initiative (CDFI) continue to yield millions of dollars worth of direct and secondary investment for residential and commercial growth. It also increased private sector capital flow in communities with declining economic fortunes. The BEA has directly impacted the volume of residential mortgage and commercial lending in grossly under-invested locales.

In Congress Flake also concentrated on garnering Federal resources and projects for his community. He won two regional facilities: The Federal Drug Administration (F.D.A.) and the Federal Aviation Administration (F.A.A.), which generated more than two thousand jobs while also upgrading the stability and the aesthetics of the District. He prevailed upon the Clinton Administration to fund the Nation's first One Stop Small Business Capital Center (Jamaica Business Resource Center J.B.R.C.) which is the model for additional centers that are now operating in the Federal Empowerment Zones. He also authored legislation to fund the expansion of JFK Airport and build the rail link from the plane to the train, which connects JFK to Jamaica and Penn Stations. This has helped to further development of the Downtown Jamaica area.

The Greater Allen Cathedral's operations are a national paradigm of church-centered, faith based, public/private community educational and economic development. Further, Allen's administrative structure, efficiency, and development efforts have increasingly attracted international and national recognition in print and electronic media. He and the church have been profiled on CNN, CBS, BET, C-Span, PBS, and in Time, Black Enterprise, Ebony, the New York Times, Readers Digest and Los Angeles Times, and many other publications, lectures and speeches. He is a proponent of quality education and market-oriented community and economic development through speeches and lectures in corporate settings, policy forums, seminaries and divinity schools and countless other forums. He is a lecturer at the Harvard Divinity School's Annual Summer Leadership Institute. Under the Reverend Flake's leadership, and true to its Christian doctrine of self-help and communal responsibility, Allen Church has provided resources and guidance for innumerable faith-based and secular institutions. Its net assets are valued at over $100 million.

Dr. Flake earned a Doctor of Ministry Degree (D.Min.) from the United Theological Seminary in Dayton, OH and holds a B.A. from Wilberforce University with additional studies at Payne Theological Seminary and Northeastern University School of Business. He also has numerous honorary degrees including: Boston University, Fisk University, Lincoln University (PA), and Cheney University of Pennsylvania.

Before assuming the pastorate of Allen Church, Reverend Flake served in various capacities at Boston University: Director of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center, Interim Dean of the Chapel, and Dean of Students. This followed successful stints as Associate Dean of Students at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania and Marketing Analyst for the Xerox Corporation.

Flake serves as a member of the following boards: The President's Commission on Excellence in Special Education; The Fannie Mae Foundation; Edison Schools (where he formerly served as President); The Princeton Review; The New York City Investment Fund Civic Capital Corporation; The Initiative for a Competitive Inner City; and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Advisory Committee on Banking Policy. Flake is also a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute for Social and Economic Policy, an Adjunct Fellow on the Advisory Board of The Brookings Institute Center on Urban and Metropolitan Policy, and a member of The NYC 2012 Olympic Committee. He is also a former columnist for the New York Post.

Rev. Flake authored a best-selling book, "The Way of the Bootstrapper: Nine Action Steps for Achieving Your Dreams." He and his wife, Elaine co-authored the book, "Practical Virtues: Everyday Values and Devotions for African American Families", published by Harper Collins.

The Flakes are the parents of four children.


Congressman Rubén Hinojosa, a longtime businessman and native of the Rio Grande Valley/ South Texas, was elected to represent Texas' 15th Congressional District in November 1996.

The Congressman serves on three House Committees: Education and the Workforce, where he is the Ranking Democrat on the Select Education Subcommittee; Financial Services; and Resources. He is also a Co-Chair of the Democratic Caucus Education Task Force, and in this capacity will continue to develop a strong education policy in the 108th Congress.

As a member of the Financial Services Committee, Congressman Hinojosa is a member of the Subcommittee on Capital Markets, Insurance, and Government-Sponsored Enterprises; and Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit.

As a former member of the Small Business Committee, Hinojosa increased access to capital and loans for small businesses; removed tax and regulatory burdens; and promoted business growth and opportunity in economically depressed areas through the new and improved Small Business Administration programs of today. He also led the successful effort to create a Women's Business Center at the University of Texas-Edinburg.

Prior to his being elected to the House of Representatives, Congressman Hinojosa served twenty years as President and Chief Financial Officer of a family-owned food processing company, H&H Foods. With over 300 employees, H&H has received national awards of recognition from the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Small Business Administration in Washington, D.C.

Born in Edcouch, Texas, Congressman Hinojosa attended Mercedes High School and earned a BBA and MBA from the University of Texas in Austin and in Edinburg, respectively. He is married to Martha Lopez Hinojosa and has five children.


Judith Kennedy is the President and CEO of the National Association of Affordable Housing Lenders (NAAHL), representing America's leaders in moving private capital to those in need. Members are the who's who of private sector lenders and investors in affordable housing and community development. They represent 200 organizations that are committed to increasing the flow of private capital to low- and moderate-income communities, including 72 insured depository institutions, 45 nonprofit providers, government - sponsored enterprises, and many mortgage, capital and insurance companies.

During her tenure, NAAHL has become recognized as the premier authority in the nation's capital on private lending and investing in low- and moderate-income communities. Prior to joining NAAHL, Ms. Kennedy headed Government Relations at two Fortune 100 financial corporations, Sallie Mae (the Student Loan Marketing Association), and Freddie Mac (the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation).

Her government service included staff positions at the Senate and House Banking Committees; a White House Commission on Housing; and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). She was awarded a Congressional Fellowship by the American Political Science Association, and has an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh and a BS from Duquesne University.

Ms. Kennedy presently serves on the Boards of the Center for Community Lending and the National Housing Conference, and as a member of Fannie Mae's Housing Impact Advisory Council. Prior community service includes the boards of the Emeritus Foundation, Women in Housing and Finance, the DC Youth Orchestra Foundation, and Women In Community Development.


Dr. Angela Lyons is an Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her research focuses on issues related to financial education, program evaluation, and household economics. In 2002, she was a delegate to the National Summit on Retirement Savings in Washington, D.C. She recently spoke on the challenges of evaluating financial education programs at the 2003 Georgia Summit on Economic and Financial Education. She has been actively involved in evaluation of the FDIC's financial education program Money Smart.

Lyons has been invited to speak before a number of groups and organizations including the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, the U.S. Department of Labor, the Institute for Women's Policy Research, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, the American Council on Consumer Interests, the U.S. General Accounting Office, the U.S. Treasury Department, and the National Center on Poverty Law. She is currently the Co-Director for the University of Illinois' Center for Economic Education. She received her Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Texas at Austin.


Clara joined Wachovia's Training and Development Department in 1993 and currently manages the Strategic Programs Team within the Community Development Group.

A line banker with over 20 years of commercial, real estate and international experience, Clara and her team are responsible for the programs generated by the Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta, the Bank Enterprise Awards program and the design and implementation of financial literacy service strategies such as BorrowSmart, eCommunitiesFirst and Money Smart.

Clara, who is fluent in Spanish, started her professional career in South Carolina as an International Trade Specialist, later moving to Houston, TX and Los Angeles, CA as a Commercial Lender and Private Client Banker.

She received her BA from the University of South Carolina and is currently working on an Executive MBA from the Queens University of Charlotte, NC, McColl Graduate School of Business.


Congressman Oxley is serving his eleventh term in the House of Representatives and is Chairman of the new House Committee on Financial Services. He leads 37 Republicans, 32 Democrats, and 1 Independent on the Committee, which oversees Wall Street, banks, and the insurance industry. In addition to financial matters, Oxley has a long involvement with trade, telecommunications, and energy issues. A firm believer in market competition, Oxley draws on his business and financial expertise to advocate policies promoting personal savings, jobs, and economic growth.

A resident of Findlay, Ohio, Congressman Oxley served nine years in the Ohio General Assembly before coming to Congress as a result of a 1981 special election.

Born February 11, 1944, Congressman Oxley is an attorney by profession. He earned his B.A. from Miami University (Oxford, Ohio) in 1966 and his law degree from The Ohio State University College of Law in 1969. He is a member of the American, Ohio, and Findlay Bar Associations, and, in 1986, was admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court. Congressman Oxley is a member of Rotary International, Findlay Elks, Ohio Farm Bureau, Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI, and Sigma Chi fraternity. He has staff experience with former Eighth Ohio District Congressman Jackson Betts, former Ohio Lieutenant Governor John Brown, and former Ohio Attorney General William Saxbe.

Congressman Oxley and his wife, Pat, are the parents of a son, Chadd.


Dory Rand is Supervising Attorney of the Community Investment unit at the Chicago-based National Center on Poverty Law. She founded and serves as Coordinator of the statewide Financial Links for Low-Income People (FLLIP) coalition. The Community Investment unit advocates for and develops model programs on financial education, asset building, access to mainstream financial services, and consumer protection. Dory also is co-counsel in several predatory lending cases pending in state and federal courts in Illinois.

Dory serves on:

  • Chicago CRA Coalition steering committee and Financial Services Task Force (chair)
  • Illinois Treasurer's Advisory Board for Women's Issues and Self-Sufficiency Committee (chair)
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago's Money $mart Advisory Council
  • Illinois Department of Human Services' Illinois Link Committee (EBT issues)
  • Consumer Advisory Committee of the National Automated ClearingHouse Association's Electronic Benefits and Services Council
  • With Equity and Assets for All (a national working group on assets for people with disabilities)

Before coming to the Center, Dory was a senior staff attorney at the Legal Assistance Foundation of Chicago and an associate with a Chicago law firm. She began her legal career as a staff attorney with ACLU of Illinois after graduating from the Ohio State University College of Law in 1982.


David Scott has dedicated much of his life to improving the quality of life for Georgians, and is the Representative for the newly created 13th District of Georgia, representing parts of the city of Atlanta and portions of 11 counties: Clayton, Fulton, Gwinnett, DeKalb, Rockdale, Henry, Newton, Walton, Fayette, Butts and Spalding. Congressman Scott is a member of the influential Financial Services Committee, the Capital Markets and Housing Subcommittees, and the Agriculture Committee. He serves as regional whip for Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina and was recently appointed co-chairman of the Democratic Study Group on National Security.

Born in Aynor, South Carolina to working class parents, David learned at a young age the value of hard work and a good education. David became the first college graduate in his family as he worked his way through Florida A&M University graduating with honors in 1967. He went on to earn an MBA degree with honors from the prestigious Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania in 1969.

Elected to the Georgia House of Representatives in 1974, David Scott quickly proved to those in the Georgia legislature that he was a force to be reckoned with. With his ability to reach out to leaders of diverse backgrounds, David's hard-working style earned him the respect of both his peers and his constituents. In 1982, he was elected to the Georgia Senate, ultimately chairing the powerful Rules Committee for a decade and serving as chair of the Atlanta-Fulton Senate Delegation.

As a small businessman, David Scott knows what it is like to have to meet a payroll. Scott also understands the role of government in encouraging new investments and creating opportunities for businesses to succeed. Twenty-five years ago he founded Dayn-Mark Advertising, a full-service advertising agency based in Atlanta, Georgia.

David Scott has been married to the former Alfredia Aaron since 1969. They have two daughters Dayna and Marcye, and just last year became grandparents to a new baby boy, Kimani. David and Alfredia Scott have a commitment to improving their community. This commitment comes from the hope that they will make a better world for not only their children but every child who deserves a better world to live in.


Ellen Seidman is the Senior Managing Director/National Practice at ShoreBank Advisory Services (SAS). SAS is the consulting affiliate of ShoreBank, the first and largest community development bank in the United States. SAS specializes in consulting, research and investment services for organizations working to serve underserved people and communities, promoting positive economic change in the United States and around the world. Ms. Seidman leads the team of consultants working in the United States.

Prior to joining SAS, Ms. Seidman served as Senior Counsel to the Democratic staff of the Financial Services Committee of the United States House of Representatives. From 1997 to 2001, Ms. Seidman was the Director of the U.S Treasury Department's Office of Thrift Supervision, heading the 1,200 person bureau responsible for regulating more than 1,000 savings associations around the U.S. Simultaneously, she was a Director of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Chairman of the Board of the Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation. From 1993 to 1997, Ms. Seidman served as Special Assistant for Economic Policy to President Clinton. She has also held senior positions at Fannie Mae, the United States Treasury Department and the United States Department of Transportation.

Ms. Seidman holds a bachelor's degree from Radcliffe College, a law degree from Georgetown University Law Center and an MBA in finance and investments from George Washington University. She has also completed the Senior Executive Fellows Program at the John F. Kennedy School of Government.


Ernest McD. Skinner is Vice-President and Community Relations Director of Citibank, F.S.B., Mid-Atlantic Region.

Ernest maintains an active interest in civic and professional affairs beyond his job responsibilities. He is President of the Immigrant Empowerment Council, on the Board of Directors of the Capital Area Asset Building Corporation, a member of the D.C. Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, the Advisory Boards of Global Woman, Inc., D.C. Caribbean Carnival, Inc., Washington D.C. Chapter of the Urban Financial Services Coalition, Corporation for Enterprise Development's SEED Policy Demonstration Project, D.C. Agenda, Bert Corona Leadership Institute, D.C. Small Business Development Center, and Trinidad and Tobago Folk Arts Institute of New York.

He has served on the Board of Directors of the District of Columbia Chamber of Commerce, Metro Washington Bankers Group, Savings Association Financial Enterprises, Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers, Community Development Support Collaborative, and the D.C. Housing Finance Agency.

Ernest holds membership in the Trinidad and Tobago Association of Washington D.C., Leadership Washington, Greater Washington Urban League, U.S. Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce, Greater Washington Ibero-American Chamber of Commerce, and D.C. Chamber of Commerce.

The recipient of several awards and citations, Mr. Skinner was named in 2002 by the Minority Business & Professionals Network, Inc. among the "Fifty Influential Minorities in Business." A native of Trinidad and Tobago, Ernest holds degrees from Howard University and Columbia University Graduate School of Business.


J Otis Smith is a graduate of Oberlin College and Temple University. His curricular foci are human motivation, small group and adolescent behavior, and multicultural counseling. Dr. Smith is an officer and senior consultant with Stand By Systems II, Inc., a consultation firm that specializes in team development, conflict resolution, diversity and motivation. This firm has provided education and evaluation for organizations, agencies, and corporations nationally. He is a professor of psychology at Cheyney University.

Dr. Smith has developed a number of interactive approaches to increasing awareness about the impact of differences and the destructive "isms" on personal interactions and professional productivity. In both small group and larger group settings, his approach has been to increase the perceptiveness and skills of persons so that they can make a productive difference in the environments in which they function.

Dr. Smith's work and research with low-income populations have led to the development of the Family Theory of Motivation. He has conducted research with homeless citizens and hypertension. His work within the private sector has included consultation and presentations for Fortune 500 companies, small business enterprises, and community organizations. He has not only served as an administrator in higher education but has also administered three major programs designed to develop the low income populations and persons with disabilities. A sample of his 1998-2003 clients includes consultation with: Cadmus Communications, FreddieMac, Hahnemann University/MCP Medical Schools, National City Corporation, Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation, OhioHealth, Philip Morris U.S.A., United States Postal Service and Yeshiva University.

Dr. Smith has held a variety of offices within the profession of counseling including: national Treasurer of the American Association for Counseling and Development (now the American Counseling Association), the chairperson of its Counseling Image Task Force, and President of the Pennsylvania Association of Multicultural Counseling and Development. He has been on the national Executive Council of the Association of Multicultural Counseling and Development. His community service has included election to a church vestry, a building council and service as an officer of the Brandywine Graphics in Philadelphia. This broad involvement is translated into a more vital focus within each of his presentations.


Joseph A. Smith, Jr. is North Carolina Commissioner of Banks, having been appointed by Governor Michael F. Easley to fill an unexpired term of office in June 2002, and reappointed and confirmed a year later to a term ending in March 2007.

Prior to his appointment as Commissioner of Banks, Mr. Smith was Counsel to the Washington, DC office of Thacher Proffitt & Wood and, prior to that, General Counsel and Secretary of Centura Banks, Inc. and Centura Bank, Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

Mr. Smith is a graduate of Davidson College and the University of Virginia Law School and is licensed to practice law in New York and North Carolina. He is the author of a number of articles on banking and financial services issues, including: "Savings for the Poor: The Hidden Benefits of Electronic Banking: A Review and Response," 5 NC Banking Inst. 1 (2001); and "The Federal Banking Agencies' Guidance on Subprime Lending: Regulation with a Divided Mind," 6 N.C. Banking Inst. 75 (2002).

Mr. Smith is married, the father of two grown sons, and resides in Raleigh, North Carolina.


Yman Vien was one of the "Boat People", a refugee from Viet Nam. She arrived in Chicago in 1978 with very limited English and learned her English from ESL level 2 at Truman College.

While going to school, she was also working full time for the Jewish Vocational Service to serve refugees and immigrants. Later she received her undergraduate degree from Loyola University. She started her banking career at Madison Bank & Trust as Internal Auditor and later moved on to work for community banks.

Yman Vien was one of the original founders of the Chinese Mutual Aid Association (CMAA). She has been and continues to be actively involved in the organization since its inception and served as its Executive Director from 1994 to 1998.

In April of 1998, Yman joined American Metro Bank as an Executive Vice President and was later appointed to be the President of the Bank. Within one year after assuming the position, she quickly turned the Bank around from three years of losses to strong profit performance. Yman and her team have built the reputation of a multi-ethnic, culturally diverse and service oriented bank.

Yman is a leader and role model for refugees and immigrants in Chicago. She serves on the Boards of several community organizations including the Mayor's Citizenship Advisory Council.

She was elected as an Outstanding Young Woman of America in 1994, named among 100 Women Making a Difference in Today's Chicago Woman in 1996, recipient of the Athena Award in 2000, recipient of the ADL's Horatio Alger Award in 2003 and an honoree of the Immigrant Achievement Award of the American Immigration Law Foundation in 2003.

She currently serves on the Board of Directors and is the Honorary Chairman of CMAA. She is also the Chairman, President & CEO of the American Metro Bank.

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