Sprint Program

The FDITECH’s sprint program brings a diverse set of stakeholders (e.g., banks, non-profit organizations, academic institutions, private sector companies, members of the public) together in collaborative settings for a short period of time to intensely focus on challenges of importance to the FDIC. A ‘sprint’ simply refers to a short period of time (typically 2-3 weeks) where teams turn ideas into value. The FDIC will always provide a problem statement and selected teams will devote their collective energy and expertise towards addressing specific challenges. Typically, a tech sprint will culminate with a Demonstration Day where each team shares findings with a panel of evaluating experts.

From Hurricanes to Ransomware: Measuring Resilience in the Banking World

The FDIC thanks all of the tech sprint participants and evaluation panelists who participated in the From Hurricanes to Ransomware: Measuring Resilience in the Banking World tech sprint, held from October 4, 2021 — October 22, 2021. Recordings of the participants’ demonstrations will be made available soon on this webpage.

Over the past decade, the U.S. financial sector has faced a growing number of threats to its information technology systems, operations, people, and facilities. Regardless of whether the threats to financial institutions and their third party service providers are foreign or domestic, intended or unintended, or natural or man-made, preparedness and improved response posture are critical to improving overall sector-wide operational resilience, and maintaining public confidence in and the stability of the U.S. financial system.

This tech sprint was intended to be the first of several sprints focused on how to foster stronger operational resiliency in banking. The focus of this initial resilience sprint was to identify existing and proposed measures, data, tools, or other capabilities upon which a greater understanding of a bank’s true resilience to any hazard may be understood.

After an application process and three weeks of brainstorming and meeting with FDIC and community bank subject matter experts, six participating teams developed solutions addressing the problem statement:

Recognizing the evolving threat environment to bank operations, their need to strengthen resilience, and given the challenges that banks face in identifying criteria to determine their respective levels of tolerance for a disruption, the FDIC sought solutions that improve sector-wide resilience by helping answer the question:

“What would be the most helpful set of measures, data, tools, or other capabilities for financial institutions, particularly community banks, to use to determine and to test their operational resilience against a disruption?”

The tech sprint concluded with a Demonstration Day where each team demonstrated their solutions to an expert panel who evaluated them in the following categories:

Creativity Effectiveness/ Impact Market Readiness
How new or different is the Team’s approach from those currently considered in the marketplace? To what degree does the approach introduce a potential paradigm shift in how financial institutions currently measure and test operational resilience? Does the approach present an innovative way of encouraging small to midsize financial institutions to play a more active role in their operational resilience? To what degree does the approach have the potential to lead to a universal set of measures with a testing mechanism that may be applied to and used by all banks? To what degree does the approach add value for a variety of stakeholders, particularly for small to midsize financial institutions? To what degree does the approach protect proprietary data, including consumer data, as well as critical systems and operations? How long would it take to bring the approach to market? How long would it take for users, particularly community banks, to adopt the approach? What are the costs of implementing the approach, including but not limited to initial adoption and ongoing maintenance and testing?

The winners, announced via a FDIC press release, were:

  • Data Society (Creativity)
  • GRF Operational Resilience Assessment (Effectiveness/Impact)
  • Tandem (Market Readiness)

Demonstration Day Recordings

Each team’s presentation is available to view below.

*Denotes category winner

Questions about this techsprint may be sent to innovation@FDIC.gov.