Why FDiTech

The FDIC was created in 1933 to maintain stability and public confidence in the nation's financial system. Over the last century, the FDIC has evolved to address emerging risks within the financial services sector and carry out its insurance, supervisory, and consumer protection responsibilities.

FDiTech marks a new chapter in the agency’s continued evolution and efforts to ensure safety and soundness in today’s financial market place. Innovative and transformative technologies are rapidly transforming the way banks serve their customers.

Data is the new capital. The question for industry is how to best utilize data and technology to meet consumer demands. The question for regulators is how to allow industry to do so while maintaining safety, soundness, and consumer protection. FDiTech will bridge that gap.

We are on a mission to promote the adoption of innovative technologies across the financial services sector.


bankers, fintechs, technologists, and other regulators on innovations that will lay the foundation for banking’s future


“tech sprints” and pilot projects to test emerging technologies in cooperation with states and affected federal regulators


and promote the adoption of new technologies by financial institutions, particularly at community banks


banking services to individuals in underserved communities through new technologies

“It is my goal that the FDIC lay the foundation for the next chapter of banking by encouraging innovation that meets consumer demand, promotes community banking, reduces compliance burdens, and modernizes our supervision.”

FDIC Chairman Jelena McWilliams

"This transformation will not happen overnight but it is critical for our banking system to begin the process now. The future is past due, and the FDIC is lighting the fuse on innovation today."

-- Chairman McWilliams on FDIC's tech sprint to develop a new technology-driven approach for banks to report their financial information

Come innovate with us.

New Opportunities:
The FDIC has many technical positions available at various levels.

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