Exhibit 1-9

The exhibit shows the four FDIC divisions that provide input to the FRC. The four divisions' relationship to the FRC is illustrated by four arrows, one for each division, pointing toward a box representing the FRC. The four divisions are:

Division of Supervision and Consumer Protection - DSC - which provides up-to-date, first-hand supervisory data on individual institutions (Supervisory data is also provided by the other federal regulators - FRB, OCC, and OTS),

Division of Insurance and Research - DIR - which provides research and analysis on institutions and the banking industry.

Division of Resolutions and Receiverships - DRR - which provides experience with market condition affecting liquidations and hence loss rates, and

Division of Finance - DOF - which provides expertise in accounting and finance.

These four divisions all feed information to the Financial Risk Committee, which produces accounting entries four times a year and provides a broad forum for interdivisional exchange of information and perspectives on risk.