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FDIC Consumer News - Winter 2017

How to File a Complaint with the FDIC
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The FDIC's Consumer Response Center (CRC) answers inquiries about consumer protection laws and regulations, and conducts thorough investigations of complaints about FDIC-supervised institutions. CRC staff members are available to discuss issues over the phone, but we must receive a complaint in writing (through email or letter) before starting an investigation. While the FDIC insures almost all banks in the event of a failure, we are not the primary federal regulator for all banks. If the situation involves a financial institution for which we are not the primary federal regulator, the CRC staff will refer the matter to the appropriate regulator.

In addition to responding to individual questions and concerns, the FDIC reviews consumer complaints as part of its examinations of FDIC-supervised institutions. This information helps the FDIC tailor its bank examinations to areas of concern and provide comment to banks on practices and policies.

You can go to the FDIC's website for information about how to contact the agency with a question or a complaint.