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FDIC Consumer News - Summer 2017

News Briefs

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To help address the growing problem of elder financial abuse, the FDIC has enhanced its Money Smart curriculum for older adults and their caregivers. The newly revised Money Smart for Older Adults, which was developed jointly with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), identifies common types of elder financial exploitation, such as imposter scams and identity theft, and includes information on how older adults can plan for a secure financial future by making informed decisions.

The curriculum, available in English and Spanish, can be downloaded free of charge from the FDIC's online catalog. Also, a free resource guide for consumers that summarizes the key points in the curriculum can be downloaded from the FDIC site above or ordered in bulk.

The FDIC has recently improved its Teacher Online Resource Center for easier access to financial education materials for the classroom. The updated site, developed by the FDIC in cooperation with the CFPB, provides new grade-level lesson plans and videos as well as links to other government websites that can help educators answer questions about financial topics and adapt that information for their students. Parents and caregivers can go here to find resources for teaching money management to children.