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Money Smart Podcast Help

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Questions & Answers

Answer: Select the tab with the category of your choice.

Answer: Choose “Download MP3” button or

  1. Select the categories below to the topics and segments within.
  2. Listen to streaming podcasts online or download the programs to listen to later.
  3. Take advantage of the downloadable reference materials for each program.

Answer: The audio player has five control buttons: Back, Pause, Stop, Play, and Fast Forward. Clicking on the Back or Fast Forward buttons will cause you to jump back or forward one audio segment. The Pause button will stop the podcast, allowing you to take a break for a moment, if needed. The Play button will resume the podcast where you left off. The Stop button will end the podcast. If you Stop the podcast and select Play, the podcast will return to the beginning of the segment.


For podcast transcripts:

  1. Select the tab with the category of your choice.
  2. Click on Download Transcript - PDF

For reference materials:

  1. Select the tabe with the category of your choice
  2. Find referenced links and download reference materials under each subsection.

Note: transcripts are PDF documents and require an Adobe Reader to view. If you do not have Adobe Reader on your computer, it is available for free download from the following site:

Answer: Please contact  with any technical problems, questions or comments.

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