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Money Smart News - Winter 2005

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Computer-Based Money Smart: A New Way to “Connect” With Students
The FDIC wants to remind all Money Smart educators about the computer-based version of the FDIC’s financial education program unveiled in September 2004.

Money Smart CBI -- short for Money Smart Computer-Based Instruction -- is interactive, easy to use, and available free of charge on CD-ROM and on the FDIC’s Web site. It follows the same curriculum as the paper-based original but it gives users a virtual experience in handling finances (using an ATM, balancing a checkbook) and provides ongoing feedback. As such, the new version can complement formal classes or enable people to study independently

Even though the computer version is designed to be used by anyone, FDIC officials predict that young people will be especially attracted to and motivated by it. “One of the beautiful things about Money Smart CBI is its flexibility – people can use it at their own pace and in a classroom setting, at home, at the library or community center,” said Donna Gambrell, Deputy Director of the FDIC's Division of Supervision and Consumer Protection. “We also think young people will find the lessons and the graphics fun and engaging -- a lot more like playing than learning.”

Gambrell said she especially hopes that Money Smart CBI will help many in the younger generation learn about the responsible use of credit. “We’ve found that young people don’t always have a good understanding that when they use a credit card or purchase items there is a long-term cost,” she said.

In slightly more than two months – from the launch of Money Smart CBI on September 15 through December 1 -- the FDIC distributed 18,075 copies of Money Smart CBI on CD-ROM in English or Spanish.

To order a free copy of Money Smart CBI or to access the Web version, go to

Last Updated 1/06/2005

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