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Money Smart News – Fall 2020

News and Information About Working Together with Money Smart

Money Smart News is the FDIC’s quarterly newsletter featuring tips, updates, and success stories for financial educators. We welcome submissions.

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Money Smart News is the FDIC’s quarterly newsletter featuring tips, updates, and success stories for financial educators. We welcome submissions.

In This Issue

Message from the FDIC

Elizabeth Ortiz

I applaud the efforts of Money Smart Alliance members that have used creativity and innovation to adapt their operations to do the best work possible during the pandemic.  We continue to share inspiration for what is possible in this edition of Money Smart News.

Please check out the Parent/Caregiver Guides from Money Smart for Young People, if you haven’t already done so. They offer age-appropriate activities and ideas to help young people build their financial knowledge at home.

In addition, as we prepare to turn the calendars, consider opportunities to engage your audiences on topics such as reviewing their credit report (if they have not already done so recently), updating spending and saving plans, and checking in on progress towards financial goals.  Money Smart products offer resources helpful for these and other issues.  And, keep reading to learn about a new webpage, #GetBanked that can help people develop banking relationships.

As always, whether you are offering suggestions or looking for assistance from FDIC staff, email us at

Elizabeth Ortiz
Deputy Director, Consumer and Community Affairs
FDIC Division of Depositor and Consumer Protection

Get Banked-New FDIC Webpage Helps People to Open a Bank Account

The FDIC has launched a new website to assist consumers who would like to learn more about the process of opening a bank account. The website includes the top reasons to have a bank account, resources to help open an account online, and a short video.  To learn more, visit and follow the campaign at #GetBanked.

National Entrepreneurship Month

November is National Entrepreneurship month. Our Money Smart for Small Business curriculum is a perfect resource for aspiring or existing small business owners. It was created jointly with the U.S. Small Business Administration. It consists of 13 modules that cover topics relating to starting or managing a business such as Planning for a Healthy Business, Recordkeeping and Tax Planning and Reporting. All 13 modules are available for download on our website. Each module features an Instructor Guide, Participant Guide, PowerPoint slides, and other helpful resources for small business owners.

Money Smart Users Continue to Adapt to Virtual Learning

In our last edition, we highlighted organizations that were successfully adapting to virtual learning. In this edition, Money Smart Users Continue to Adapt to Virtual Learning, we continue to hear from Money Smart Alliance members on how they conduct virtual trainings.

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