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Community Affairs Webinar Series

Finding Community Development Opportunities

Finding Community Development Opportunities explores some of the diverse Community Reinvestment Act qualifying activities available to banks, with an emphasis on investment and service activities. Presenters highlighted strategies and resources applicable to urban, suburban, and rural areas, and provide guidance on where banks can go for additional information.

Guest Speakers for the Webinar:

Janet Gordon
Chief, Community Affairs
FDIC Division of Depositor and Consumer Protection, FDIC

Jessie Handforth Kome
Deputy Director, Office of Block Grant Assistance
HUD Office of Community Planning & Development, HUD

Linda Reilly
Chief, 504 Loan Program
Small Business Administration

Mia Sowell
Policy & Program Officer
Bank Enterprise Award Program New Market Tax Credit Program

Christopher Allen
Policy & Program Officer
New Market Tax Credit Program

Additional agency resources featured in the webinar:

To learn more about FDIC’s research and initiatives related to consumer protection, the underserved and other community development issues, please visit:

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