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Community Affairs Webinar Series

Savings Strategies during America Saves Week 2014

Savings Strategies during America Saves Week 2014 targeted financial institutions and encouraged them to organize and implement the America Saves Week and encourage consumers to save. The webinar also included two federally coordinated programs that provide local opportunities throughout the country for banks to work with to promote the America Saves work year around.

Guest Speakers for the Webinar:

Luke Reynolds
Chief, Outreach and Program Development Section

Address why promoting savings is important to FDIC and discuss available FDIC resources that can support banks in working with America Saves Week activities.

George Barany
Director, Consumer Federation of America

Discuss opportunities for banks to consider pursuing in their communities during America Saves Week to help support consumers.

Rawlin Tate
Senior Tax Analyst, Internal Revenue Service

Discuss the VITA program and the coalition-based approach that the IRS uses, which in many communities may present banks with year-around partners to work with.

Jennifer Troke
Division Director, U. S. Department of Labor

Discuss the DOL-funded or coordinated programs that exist throughout the country that provide opportunities for banks to promote savings.

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