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Northeast Oklahoma Alliance for Economic Inclusion

The Northeast Oklahoma Alliance for Economic Inclusion (AEI) is comprised of financial institutions, community organizations, foundations, employers, faith-based organizations, tribal, state and local governmental agencies, bank regulators, and public officials. The AEI has well over 200 members representing 119 organizations. It is centered in Tulsa and focuses on the needs of the seven counties in the Tulsa Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) plus Cherokee and Payne Counties in the northeastern quadrant of Oklahoma with particular emphasis on the needs of Native Americans.

The Northeast Oklahoma AEI holds a quarterly general membership meeting and works through three standing committees: Access, Financial Education, and Housing, each of which meet monthly or bi-monthly.  An Advisory Council provides oversight and guidance to the committees as necessary.

The Northeast Oklahoma AEI, through the Access Committee, with The Salvation Army and the Oklahoma Department of Health and Human Services, wrote a financial education curriculum for adults in generational poverty. A working group works on outreach campaign targeting unbanked consumers in Northeast Oklahoma. The Financial Education Committee hosts the annual Green Country Money Matters financial education initiative and runs a speakers bureau to provide financial education classes upon request.


Al Coleman
Community Affairs Specialist
Dallas Region