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Foreclosure Prevention

Community Resources

Many community-based organizations have increased outreach efforts to assist homeowners experiencing mortgage delinquency and foreclosure by providing them with access to quality information, counseling services, and resources that can lead to solutions. In addition, some national nonprofit housing counseling agencies are now working with servicers to develop foreclosure prevention programs.

However, assisting distressed homeowners may require additional foreclosure training for staff or expanding the organization capacity through partnerships with others who have a stake in keeping homeowners in their properties and maintaining the economic health of local communities. In addition to the resources identified here, local strategies are being implemented through community-based, city-wide, and state-wide task forces. Check with your city and state government offices or FDIC Community Affairs Officer to find out if there is an active foreclosure task force in your area.

Loan Modification and Refinance Programs

Net Present Value (NPV) Calculator

This NPV calculator (Calculator) is being made available to the public by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) based on the agency’s use of the tool during the resolution of IndyMac Federal Bank, a large mortgage lender. An NPV calculation may assist in evaluating the costs of loan modification compared to foreclosure.

Foreclosure Rescue Scams

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