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Legal Support Services Deskbook

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Printable Format of Deskbook - PDF

The Legal Support Services Deskbook ("LSS Deskbook") has been prepared by the FDIC Legal Division ("Legal Division" or "Division") to provide policies and procedures, shell contracts, and standard forms for in-house attorneys, experts, and legal support services ("LSS") providers. It sets forth many of the FDICs requirements that govern the relationship between the FDIC and experts or LSS providers. It is important that in-house attorneys, experts, and LSS providers read, maintain familiarity with, and adhere to the provisions in the LSS Deskbook.

The LSS Deskbook includes policies and procedures and forms that the FDIC requires its experts and LSS providers to follow and use.  Each chapter covers a key area or interest. Appendices provide additional information, forms, and worksheets. In-house attorneys will ensure that experts and LSS providers are provided copies of the LSS Deskbook.

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Effective Date

The effective date of the LSS Deskbook is December 2005. The Legal Division may amend the LSS Deskbook from time to time. Amendments shall be effective on the dates specified by the Legal Division.


The LSS Deskbook contains the following three (3) primary parts:


For further assistance with FDIC's LSS Deskbook policies and procedures, contact the FDIC Oversight Attorney administering the agreement.