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Legal Support Services Deskbook

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7.1 Final Invoice Package
At the conclusion of a legal service, the expert or LSS provider should submit a final Invoice Package within 90 days. It is important that the expert or LSS provider note on the invoice and the EIF&E form or the IF&E form that this is a final Invoice Package. Refer to Chapter 6 for procedures for submitting the Invoice Package.

7.2 Forwarding Documents to FDIC
Before forwarding any documents to the FDIC, consult with the Oversight Attorney. Upon completion of the delivery of services or termination, the expert or LSS provider must return any FDIC materials and forward all substantive work product not previously submitted, without regard to the format of those work products (whether on paper or electronic media).  Failure to do so may delay or prevent payment of the final invoice and may cause the imposition of other sanctions to recover the FDIC materials, workpapers, or work product.

Note: For purposes of subsequent audit, experts and LSS providers must retain certain documentation (refer to Chapters 6 and 8). Failure to maintain required documentation may cause the FDIC to disallow previously paid fees and expenses.