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Federal Deposit
Insurance Corporation

Each depositor insured to at least $250,000 per insured bank

Information for Prospective Outside Counsel

Legal Services Agreement

If rates, abilities, areas of expertise, conflicts of interest and other factors used in evaluating outside counsel on a competitive basis are acceptable to the Legal Division, and there is a need for additional outside counsel in a particular geographical area, the Legal Division may contact the firm to negotiate the proposed fee schedule attached to the Legal Services Agreement that the firm executed and submitted with its application materials.

The Legal Services Agreement governs the relationship between the FDIC and outside counsel. Absent compelling reasons, no increase in the fee schedule attached to the Legal Services Agreement will be permitted during its term. The terms of FDIC policies and procedures, including the Outside Counsel Deskbook, are incorporated by reference into the Legal Services Agreement. Prospective outside counsel may download the Outside Counsel Deskbook from the FDIC’s Internet Home Page, or may request a copy from the Legal Division (See Contact List inside back cover of this brochure). Execution of a Legal Services Agreement by outside counsel constitutes the agreement by the firm to be bound by the terms of FDIC’s policies and procedures, as may be updated or amended.

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