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Outside Counsel Electronic Billing Deskbook


Printable Format of Electronic Billing Deskbook - PDF 370k (PDF Help)

The FDIC Legal Division has implemented an electronic billing program to enable Outside Counsel to quickly and securely submit invoices electronically for payment. The Outside Counsel Electronic Billing Deskbook ("E-billing Deskbook") has been prepared by the Legal Division ("Legal Division" or "Division") of the FDIC. The E-billing Deskbook is designed to provide information to attorneys and law firms who are engaged to represent the interest of the FDIC ("Outside Counsel" or "firm"). It sets forth the FDIC's requirements and many of the terms of the relationship between the FDIC and Outside Counsel. It is important that Outside Counsel read, maintain familiarity with, and adhere to the provisions in the E-billing Deskbook.

The E-billing Deskbook includes the policies, procedures, and forms that the FDIC requires its Outside Counsel to follow and use. Each chapter covers a key area of interest and the appendices and Forms & Related Links provide additional information, forms and worksheets.

Effective Date
The effective date of the E-billing Deskbook is August 10, 2009. The Legal Division may amend the E-billing Deskbook from time to time. Amendments shall be effective on the dates specified by the Legal Division.

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