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Bid Summary - Bid Details
Corus Construction Venture, LLC
Date Sold: October 16, 2009

Bid $ Comments
Winning Bid: Northwest Investments, LLC (Starwood) 550,940,484 Leveraged
Cover: Northwest Operating Company LLC (The Related Companies LP) 450,200,000 Leveraged
Other bid 450,000,000 Leveraged
Other bid 442,447,168 Leveraged
Other bid 407,200,000 Leveraged
Other bid 405,000,000 Leveraged
Other bid 400,000,000 Leveraged
Other bid 379,200,000 Leveraged
Other bid 368,000,000 Leveraged
Other bid 351,000,000 Leveraged
Other bid 303,764,893 Leveraged
Other bid 262,251,000 Leveraged

Other Bidder Names:

ABCW Music LLC (Westbrook/Blackrock)
Beal Bank
Best Global Investments LLC (Kingston/LMD)
CIM Fund III Acquisition LLC
Crescent Heights Tri Portfolio LLC
ICDJ Acquisition LLC


- There are more bids than bidders because one or more bidders submitted more than one bid.
-  The Other Bidder Names and the Other Bids are in random order. There is no linkage between bidder names and bids, except in the case of the winning bid and the cover bid.
- The cover bid is the second best bid after excluding all bids submitted by the winning bidder.
- For more information on the bid disclosure policy, see http://www.fdic.gov/about/freedom/biddocs.html


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