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Structured Transactions (LLC) Data Specifications (version 1.2) and Report Forms

FDIC structured transactions include both Single Family Deals and Non-Single Family/Commercial Deals. The table below contains two links to the specific FDIC LLC Data Specification required for monthly loan level detail reporting. Each link corresponds to the Data Specification pertaining to each asset class with transmission instructions, templates, and FAQs to provide guidance and clarification of the required data set. For both asset types, fields that cannot be populated should remain blank. For Non-Single Family/Commercial asset reporters, certain data elements may not pertain to the assets collateralizing a particular portfolio.

File Description
LLC Comm Specification 2013/07 - Excel File containing reporting requirements for Commercial assets in the LLC program.
LLC SFR Specification 2013/07 - Excel File containing reporting requirements for Single Family assets in the LLC program. This applies only to asset pools containing developed 1-4 Single Family Residential Mortgages.
LLC Welcome Package Detailed reporting instructions and Microsoft Excel Templates.

Form of Monthly Report and Cash Flow Projections (2017)

Pursuant to the Amended and Restated Limited Liability Company Operating Agreement for transactions closed or to be closed in 2017, following are the forms of Monthly Report and Cash Flow Projections required under Exhibit B and Exhibit F, respectively.

Note: The Monthly Report consists of a set of schedules which are shown in the multiple tabs of the Excel file.

Updates to the LLC Data Specification:

Reporting via RTSP: Datafiles are to be uploaded via:

Addition of source validations for the datafile. Source validations are data validations that are performed as the datafile is uploaded into RTSP. These validations primarily apply to those data fields which ‘must be populated’. Please see the applicable Specification above for details.

Addition of RDVP and LAD validations for the datafile. RDVP validations test certain fields for logic with related fields and enumerations. LAD validations test certain fields against the monthly accounting reports for reportable asset activity. Please see the applicable Specification above for details.

FDIC LLC Asset ID Assignment Methodology

The Structured Transactions Agreement requires Managing Members (MMs) to comply with LLC data reporting standards described in the LLC Data Specifications. The specifications require MMs to submit asset level data for each asset. One of the required asset level data elements, the FDICLOANID, is a unique identifier assigned by the FDIC to each asset. Since FDICLOANIDs serve the important purpose of tracking assets throughout the life of the Structured Transactions Agreement, FDIC will reject any data submission with blank or invalid FDIC LLC Asset IDs. The FDIC LLC Asset ID Assignment Methodology is the same methodology as found in Structured Transactions (LLC) Data Specifications 1.2.


General Questions?

If you have general questions about FDIC Structured Transactions (LLCs) please read:

Questions About Structured Transactions (LLC) Data Reporting Requirements

If you have questions about your institutions' Structured Transactions (LLC) data reporting requirements, please see the FAQs tab in the LLC Specification files listed above.

Or if your question is not contained within the FAQs:

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