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FDIC Banking Review

2003 Volume 15, No. 3

Using Market Information to Help Identify Distressed Institutions:
A Regulatory Perspective
by Timothy J. Curry, Peter J. Elmer, and Gary S. Fissel

This article explores the notion that publicly available stock price, return, and other market-related variables can provide timely information about bank and thrift financial condition; the article also determines whether such information can be used to improve the predictive accuracy of traditional off-site monitoring models for the purpose of anticipating changes in the CAMEL ratings assigned by regulators.

The SCOR System of Off-Site Monitoring:
Its Objectives, Functioning, and Performance
by Charles Collier, Sean Forbush, Daniel A. Nuxoll, and John O'Keefe

The FDIC monitors all insured institutions and attempts to identify previously sound institutions that have developed significant weaknesses. In late 1998, the FDIC adopted a statistical model, SCOR, as its basic method of monitoring insured institutions between examinations. This article describes how the SCOR model was designed to maximize accuracy and to give analysts insight into the potential weaknesses of financial institutions.

Recent Developments Affecting Depository Institutions | HTML
by Lynne Montgomery

This regular feature of the FDIC Banking Review contains information on regulatory agency actions, state legislation and regulation, and articles and studies pertinent to banking and deposit insurance issues.

Banking Review - 2003 - Vol. 15 No. 3, Full Edition
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