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Federal Deposit
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Each depositor insured to at least $250,000 per insured bank

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FDIC Banking Review

Table 10
Assessment of Health of Institutions
Deposit Insurer Do you use the data available to you to regularly assess the health of insured depository institutions?
Advanced Economies
Austria (AAR) Yes
Austria (AABB) Yes
Belgium No
Canada Yes
France  No
Germany (EdB) No
Germany (E) Yes
Greece  No
Isle of Mana Yes
Italy (IDPF) Yes
Italy (DPFCB) Yes
Japan  No
Netherlands Yes
Portugal Yes
Spain  No
Sweden  Yes
Taiwan Yes
United Kingdom  No
   Subtotal 11 for Yes and 7 for No
Developing Economies and Economies in Transition
  Nigeria Yes
  Tanzania Yes
  Uganda Yes
  Czech Republic  
  Hungary Yes
  Latvia  No
  Lithuania No
  Poland Yes
  Romania  Yes
  Slovak Republic  No
  Turkey No
Middle East
  Oman  Yes
Western Hemisphere
  Brazil No
  El Salvador Yes
  Jamaica Yes
  Mexico No
  Peru No
  Trinidad and Tobago No
   Subtotal 9 for Yes and 8 for No
Total 20 for Yes and 15 for No

Note: Classification of economies into "Advanced," "Developing," or "Economies in Transition" is from International Monetary Fund (2000). Deposit insurers without a Yes or No did not answer the question on the survey or did not provide an answer that was easily categorized as yes or no.

aBritish Crown Dependency.

AAR = Association of Austrian Raiffesenbanks

AABB = Association of Austrian Banks and Bankers

EdB = Entschadigungseinrichtung deutscher Banken

E = Einlagensicherungs

IDPF = Interbank Deposit Protection Fund

DPFCB = Deposit Protection Fund for Co-operative Banks

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