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Federal Deposit
Insurance Corporation

Each depositor insured to at least $250,000 per insured bank

Summer Legal Intern Program

The Program

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation's Summer Legal Intern Program provides valuable and challenging professional opportunities for outstanding law school students. Our goal is to provide our summer interns with a better understanding of the FDIC's role in our financial system while providing an opportunity for public service. Our summer interns are assigned to a variety of projects within one section of the Legal Division that will provide significant legal experience.

FDIC Pathways Summer Intern (law clerk) appointments begin in mid-May and may not exceed 12 weeks. Appointments may be extended for one year, as well as one additional year, up to a maximum of two years.

Why Join the FDIC?

Throughout the recent turmoil in the financial markets the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation has stood strong and has continued to fulfill its 78 year old mission of standing behind the insured deposits of its member banks and supporting confidence in the nation's financial system.

The FDIC was born of the Great Depression of the late 1920s and early 1930s. More than 9,000 banks closed between the stock market crash of October 1929 and March of 1933, when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt took office. For all practical purposes, the nation's banking system had shut down completely even before President Roosevelt - less than 48 hours after his inauguration - declared a "banking holiday" suspending all banking activities until stability could be restored. Among the actions taken by Congress to bring order to the system was the creation of the FDIC in June 1933. The intent was to provide a federal government guarantee of deposits so that customers' funds, within certain limits, would be safe and available to them on demand. Since the start of FDIC insurance on January 1, 1934, not one depositor has lost a cent of insured funds as a result of a failure. The FDIC sign - posted in insured financial institutions across the country - has become a symbol of confidence.

As a summer intern you will contribute to maintaining confidence in our nation's financial system and learn financial institutions regulatory law from the inside out. In addition you may be exposed to areas of law atypical to most government practice that will serve you well wherever your career takes you.

Legal Practice at the FDIC

The practice of law at the FDIC reflects the broad nature of the FDIC's work as well as its unique statutory powers. For example, because the FDIC has independent litigating authority, our attorneys practice before virtually all courts. FDIC attorneys develop case strategy, write the briefs and appear in court for arguments. The FDIC's Legal Division is a full service corporate practice providing not only litigation but transactional, regulatory and administrative legal services to the Corporation. As a summer intern you will be able to assist our attorneys in one or more of the following areas including:

Bank regulatory and consumer compliance matters

Litigation and bank receivership matters

Corporate practice

For more information on the Pathways Summer Intern Program, please contact John Morris at (703) 562-6407.


Applicants must meet the qualification requirements consistent with OPM qualification standards applicable to the position being filled and must be currently enrolled in an accredited Juris Doctorate (JD) or LL.M program.

For CG-7: Completion of 1 full academic year of graduate level education OR eligibility under the Superior Academic Achievement Provision and completion of a bachelor's degree. Click here for Superior Academic Achievement qualification requirements.

For CG-9: Completion of 2 full academic years of graduate level education, or equivalent degree (LL.M or JD).

Applicants must have at least a cumulative (overall) 2.5 grade point average; and remain in good academic standing.

When deciding which candidates are qualified for an interview, we look at the total application package including undergraduate record (GPA), law school courses and grades (GPA), law review or law journal participation, national or regional moot court competition participation, and other special qualifications (such as another advanced degree, foreign language skills) or life experience. Writing samples will be evaluated for legal research, analytical and writing skills (i.e., organization, grammar, spelling, and persuasiveness).


We expect to select multiple candidates for full time assignments to our Washington, DC, and Arlington, VA, offices. The Pathways Summer Intern (law clerk) Program is a 12 week Program.

FDIC is an independent agency of the federal government. Go to Frequently Asked Questions for further information.

FDIC is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.

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