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Federal Deposit
Insurance Corporation

Each depositor insured to at least $250,000 per insured bank

Since 1933, no depositor has lost a penny of FDIC-insured funds

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Benefits and Career Development Opportunities

FDIC takes pride in being able to offer its employees highly competitive and generous benefits programs. Read why working at FDIC can be of benefit to you.


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How FDIC Sets Pay:

  1. It is the general policy that upon appointment to FDIC by initial hire, reinstatement, or transfer (without promotion), basic pay shall be set at the minimum of the grade for the position that the employee is being hired.
  2. However, new hires may receive a salary at a rate above the minimum basic pay when the appointee is or was receiving a higher rate of pay (highest previous rate) in a related field. In these cases, after FDIC review and approval, the appointee's higher adjusted rate of pay (or the equivalent) may be matched by comparing it with the FDIC Adjusted basic pay (basic rate + locality adjustment) for the official duty station.
  3. Highest previous rate is defined as the highest rate of basic pay earned in a permanent position or under a temporary promotion lasting more than one year. When the highest previous rate was earned in a prior year, consideration may be given to the FDIC structure adjustments made during the period covered that would have increased the employee's basic pay had the employee been with the FDIC and remained at the higher grade.
  4. Documents needed by Human Resources staff to verify higher than minimum rate of pay include:
    • Pay receipts from prior or current employers that clearly identify source of income, distinguishing bonus or benefits payments from regular salary;
    • Official notices of salary changes from the employer;
    • 1040 documentation of taxable income reported to the IRS; or
    • Current, signed offers of employment from authorized hiring officers
  5. Exceptions to these pay setting terms would be appropriate for a position that is hard to fill or for other reasons that mandate the necessity to set pay above the minimum in a grade. Any exceptions made under these circumstances require the prior approval of the Deputy to the Chairman and Chief Financial Officer.

Career Development Opportunities

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