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Federal Deposit
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Each depositor insured to at least $250,000 per insured bank

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FDIC Conditions of Employment  

1. Integrity and Ethics


Core to the FDIC's mission is its ability to promote and maintain the public's trust and confidence in our nation's financial system. Given its public trust role, the FDIC expects all of its employees to uphold the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct. As a condition of employment with the FDIC, job applicants will be required to complete an Applicant Certification Statement prior to receiving an offer of employment. This certification form requires applicants to provide information that will assist the FDIC in determining whether a candidate's prior employment and financial history would create an ethical conflict with the FDIC's mission. The FDIC is prohibited from employing any person who does not meet its minimum competence, experience, integrity, and fitness requirements. Failure to complete the Applicant Certification Statement in a timely and truthful manner will result in a determination of ineligibility for employment with the FDIC.

2. Suitability   Candidates who are tentatively identified for appointment must meet suitability requirements for Federal employment prior to appointment. FDIC will request applicant to provide additional information, including a credit statement release, prior to making a formal offer of employment, as required by 12 CFR Part 336.
3. Legal Bars to Employment   Under law, FDIC may not employ any person who has:
  1. been convicted of any felony;
  2. been removed from, or prohibited from participating in the affairs of any insured depository institution pursuant to any final enforcement action by any appropriate Federal banking agency;
  3. demonstrated a pattern or practice of defalcation regarding obligations to insured depository institutions; or
  4. caused a substantial loss, in an amount in excess of $50,000, to Federal deposit insurance funds.
    FDIC employees, their spouses, and minor children are also prohibited from acquiring, owning, or controlling, directly or indirectly, a security of an FDIC-insured depository institution, or an affiliate of an FDIC-insured depository institution.
4. Conflict of Interest   An applicant who accepts and occupies a position and who holds a license related to real estate, appraisals, securities, or insurance, including but not limited to a real estate broker’s license, a mortgage broker’s license, a financial planner license, and a real estate appraiser license, is prohibited from using such license in matters involving or related to real estate, appraisals, securities, or insurance, other than in the performance of his or her official duties, for the production of income.


Last Updated 04/15/2011

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