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International Outreach

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The FDIC played a leading role during the year in supporting the global development of deposit insurance, bank supervision, and bank resolution systems. This included working closely with regulatory and supervisory authorities from around the world, as well as international standard-setting bodies and multilateral organizations, such as the International Association of Deposit Insurers (IADI), the Association of Supervisors of Banks of the Americas (ASBA), the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS), the Financial Stability Board (FSB), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and The World Bank. The FDIC engaged with foreign regulatory counterparts by hosting visiting officials, conducting training seminars, delivering technical assistance abroad, and fulfilling the commitments of FDIC membership in international organizations. The FDIC also advanced policy objectives with key jurisdictions by participating in high-level interagency dialogues.

International Association of Deposit Insurers

FDIC officials and subject matter experts provided continuing support for IADI programs in 2018. This included chairing IADI’s Training and Conference Technical Committee, which provided support for developing and facilitating technical assistance workshops for the Middle Eastern, African, European, Eurasian, Asia-Pacific, Caribbean, North American, and Latin American regions of IADI. The FDIC also participated in reviews of IADI members’ self-assessments of compliance with the Core Principles and assisted in the development of a Core Principles workshop for officials and senior management of deposit insurance and other financial regulatory authorities in conjunction with the IADI Annual General Meeting. Led and supported by FDIC executives and senior staff, IADI technical assistance and training activities reached approximately 500 participants during 2018.

Association of Supervisors of Banks of the Americas

Senior FDIC staff chaired the ASBA Training and Technical Committee in 2018, which designs and implements ASBA’s training strategy, promoting the adoption of sound banking supervision policies and practices among its members. The training program reached more than 500 member participants in 2018.

Basel Committee on Banking Supervision

The FDIC supports and contributes to the development of international standards, guidelines, and sound practices for prudential regulation and supervision of banks through its longstanding membership in BCBS. The contribution includes actively participating in many of the committee groups, working groups, and task forces established by BCBS to carry out its work, which focused on policy development, supervision and implementation, macroprudential supervision, accounting, and consultation.

International Capacity Building

During the year, FDIC provided direct assistance to many foreign organizations through the provision of technical expertise. These engagements included providing staff experts to advise the European Union’s Single Resolution Board, the De Nederlandsche Bank, and the IMF. FDIC also hosted more than 170 visiting regulators and other government officials from 20 countries during the year, including in-depth technical visits from the Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation and Bank of Ghana. Two sessions of FDIC 101: An Introduction to Deposit Insurance, Bank Supervision, and Resolutions, a structured learning program for senior foreign officials, were offered in 2018 and attended by 65 participants from more than 45 organizations. FDIC’s Corporate University also makes supervisory courses available to foreign participants and trained 129 students this year.


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