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2017 Annual Report

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FDIC Senior Leaders

Picture of FDIC Senior Leaders, listing of individuals below.
Seated (left to right): Vice Chairman Thomas M. Hoenig and Chairman Martin J. Gruenberg. Standing 1st Row (left to right): Jay N. Lerner, Barbara A. Ryan, Steven Primrose, Craig R. Jarvill, Arleas Upton Kea, Mark E. Pearce, Barbara Hagenbaugh, Doreen R. Eberley. 2nd Row (left to right): Howard G. Whyte, Suzannah L. Susser, Lawrence Gross, Jr., Charles Yi, Russell G. Pittman, Steven O. App, Bret D. Edwards, Lee Price, Arthur J. Murton, Kymberly K. Copa, and Diane Ellis.Not pictured: Robert D. Harris, Noreen Padilla, C. Richard Miserendino, Saul Schwartz, Andy Jiminez, M. Anthony Lowe, and Ricardo Delfin.


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